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20 USD as a present from binary options trading platform Verum Option

It is no doubt that making money on binary options trading platform is exciting. Trading itself:

  • supports the spirit of competition;
  • disciplines;
  • trains intuition.

And intuition is an important aspect of successful trading. By the way, it can help you make profit with no investments – for example, participating in the «Guess the Rate». It’s challenge organized by a popular binary options broker Verum Option.

How to take part in contest?

So, some information how to take part and on what terms. Participants make their forecasts of the EUR/USD rate on the following day – i.e. at the time the contest ends. Participant(s) whose forecast will be the closest to the rate on the day of the drawing, gets the prize from the company – 20$ to the trading account. Which u can get just upon one prediction and later get acquainted how to invest in binary options.verumoption competition

«Guess the Rate» is held four days per week – from Monday to Thursday. It starts at MSK 12:00, and ends at MSK 11:59 of the following day. As for the place of holding, the company gives the choice. Russian-speaking clients can participate the contest on 2 social networks:

  • (Odnoklassniki);
  • (Vkontakte).

English-speaking clients can take part in it on Facebook.

So if you decide to try your hand at the contest, just follow the directions below:

  1. Step one – if you don’t have yet opened an account inVerum Option company, then hurry up to sign up. The registration process is convenient and easy, and it will take 2-3 minutes of time.
  2. Step two – join official communities of the company in social networks. As it has already been mentioned, you can select the most convenient option for you depending on your preferences.
  3. Next – find the contest post in your selected community – as you remember, contest posts are published daily 4 days per week. Make a forecast in the comment under the post. It’s important, when admins of the community will summarize the results, they will take into consideration only your 1st comment, and editing your comment is also forbidden by the contest rules.
  4. Last stage is waiting. You need to wait for the admin to publish the contest’s results. If you see a link to your page in this post, send your login name at Verum Option to the admin of the community – and prize money will be credited to your account.

Benefits and conclusions

It’s worth mentioning that the company puts no limitations on using the prize funds – you can withdraw the money or use it for trading. And what is important, you can take part in the contest as many times as you want to – so you have plenty of opportunities. Go for it, and we wish you good luck!


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