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High frequency trading system Collider

To achieve fast dynamics of trading, as well as large amounts of profit in a short time, binary market traders usually use short-term contracts called the turbo options. However, along with the attractive indicators and effectiveness of this trading mode, this approach involves maximum risk and can cause a negative trading result — loss of a certain amount of funds. To effectively engage in high frequency trading we offer you a turbo option strategy — Collider. Its main technical tool for forecasting is the classic Alligator indicator. The system of market assessing algorithms of the Collider allows traders to make profit in the safest possible way: on average, 87% of options give a positive result.

The turbo options strategy Collider — setting the analysis tools

To create a working template for the strategy, we need a classic Alligator indicator developed more than 30 years ago by one of the most famous professional traders Bill William. The basis for the indicator was a set of moving average indicator lines for different periods with accurately calculated signal shifts that “smooths out” the general parameters of the market valuation algorithm. As a result, we get a high-tech trend indicator generating correct and accurate signals of price fluctuations on trading charts. Our system uses analysis tools with the following settings:

  • Alligator 8/4/2, standard technical shifts of signals
  • The RSI indicator: the frequency of the trend line — 10, technical scale levels — 30 and 70 (oversold and overbought areas, respectively)
  • MACD indicator 6/12/9

To get the maximum trading turnover and profit from turbo contracts, we recommend setting the minimum timeframes of the asset chart (5 or 15 seconds):

Turbo option strategy

Just as any professional strategy, high frequency options trading requires optimal working conditions that are provided by brokers of the binary market. In the case of the Collider strategy, we suggest using the trading service of the Binomo broker. This terminal features high-quality equipment and most favorable financial conditions for trading:

  • A set of technical analysis tools.
  • Turbo options with an expiration period of 60-300 seconds.
  • Assets with high volatility.
  • The yield of short-term options is up to 90%.
  • Fast contract registration (1.7 ms).
  • Terms of trade: minimum contract is 1 USD, starting trading amount is 10 USD.

The Binomo broker

Binomo Binary Broker Review

High frequency trading system: registering the options

To apply the UP turbo options (growth of the asset price), look for the following indicators of the signal system:

  • On the chart, movings of the main technical indicator Alligator make an upward reversal
  • The false signal filter (MACD indicator) shows a trend reversal signal: the oscillator lines diverge upwards
  • Once the trend line reaches the oversold level, the auxiliary filter (RSI indicator) turns to growth

High frequency trading system

In order to apply Turbooption to the trading of Turbooptions, we use the following indicator signal system:

  • On the chart, movings of the main technical indicator Alligator make a downward reversal
  • The false signal filter (MACD indicator) shows a trend reversal signal: the oscillator lines diverge downwards
  • Once the trend line reaches the overbought level, the auxiliary filter (RSI indicator) turns to fall

Alligator indicator

To get the most effective trading results when working with turbo options, use the contracts with an expiration range of 12-180 seconds. This technical mode allows you to use signals of the trading system most effectively and make a profit with a high level of probability.

Money management

Reduction of risks when trading on the turbo options strategy Collider is achieved by applying contracts with a minimum value. If your operating capital is large, you can increase the cost of options to no more than 3% of its total amount. Such risk management policy will save you from critical losses and allow you to earn well under safe conditions.




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