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The “Waterline” turbo option strategy

In our turbo options strategy, we use combined approaches to binary trading, in which the principles of trading in channels and the use of high-precision trend indicators are applied. This made it possible to obtain the high efficiency of the trading system, the average performance of which is 80%, and the accuracy of the signals that are clearly formaticized on the chart. Thus, the “Waterline” trading system is the best option of strategies for high-frequency turbo options trading.

A platform for high-frequency trading on the “Waterline” trading system

Applying turbo options in daily trading, as well as a direct trading system, creates the following conditions for the trading terminal and trading terms:

  • Minimal parameters for trading conditions
  • Terminal functionality that supports chart services and automatic indicators
  • High-speed processing of trading orders
  • Optimal strategies for turbo options underlying assets
  • Convenient and effective turbo options expiry times

Among the huge list of companies providing brokerage services in our market, we should mention a company that fully meets the stated requirements of the trading system. We are referring to the Binomo  broker, whose site provides the trader with the following technical and business opportunities:

  • A minimum trading deposit of 10 USD, initial cost of turbo options from 1 USD – these are the most minimal indicators of trading conditions in the market
  • The company’s trading terminal has collections of chart services and automatic indicators
  • Request processing speed when registering a turbo option is 1.7 ms
  • The broker’s list of underlying assets includes more than 80
  • The range of short-term contracts ranges from 60 to 300 seconds


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Thus, we recommend the Binomo broker’s terminal as a high-performance platform for the implementation of the “Waterline” turbo options strategy.

Constructing the “Waterline” strategy markup

The indicator part of the strategy consists of the following automated analysis tools:

  • The MA Exponential 20 indicator
  • The MA Exponential 15 indicator
  • The MA Exponential 10 indicator
  • The MA Exponential 5 indicator

In addition, on the asset quotes, you need to use a specialized chart service to construct a fluctuation channel of asset prices. To do this, use the classic rules of channel construction. As a result, the following workup will appear on your trading chart:



Thus, we get a system that accurately identifies the direction of short-term fluctuations of the asset; as a result, it will generate a formalized signal to process contracts.


The “Waterline” trade system – registering contracts

Turbo options transactions open during the quote chart formation of classic trading signals in the channels – the meeting of the trend level and the rebound from it, as well as the signal indicator, which has a view of the intersection of the MA indicator line in a certain direction. For example, here’s a simple situation:



An additional high-performance signal for trading is the breakdown of the boundaries of the channel by asset quotes and MA indicator lines. In this case, you need to execute contracts in the direction of the breakdown:



This situation, other than a clear prediction, generates a signal for reconstruction of the price channel.

Money management and expiration

The periodicity of the contract depends on the width of the price channel. But to optimize trading and achieving stable results, there is a turbo options range that is universal in any situation on the market. It is 60-180 seconds. In this time period, the “Waterline” trading system shows the most stable and quite high results.

In terms of the risks for trading turbo options, there are always high levels. In order to reduce losses and to get an overall profit from trading on the binary market, you need to use strict money management rules – we cannot overstate the cost of contracts of more than 3% of the total assets, and the total amount of contracts executed at the same time must not exceed 10% of the total trading capital. When using the “Waterline” trading system on an initial deposit with the Binomo broker, use contracts with the minimum value.



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