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Secrets of turbo options trading

Turbo options is a variation of binary options with short limited term. Turbo 5 minute binary options simply get their name from the period of trade. It is from 1 to 5 minutes. Those who prefer turbo options, among other traders are called scalpers.

There is a very easy explanation of this “name”: it goes from surgeon scalpel. Scalpers love instant deals with a small income. Such deals are called strokes and it’s flat, fast and accurate (what concerns profit) it’s remind the scalpel cut. And also in some sources the process of their trade is compared to “scalping alive”.

The meaning of who are the scalpers may be different, but the certain thing is that they are the elite of the trading market. In total, scalping is spread and popular among the traders. Mostly turbo options is perfect for traders with a small operating capital.

IQ Option Turbo Options

You may consider yourself to market elite— scalpers, if you trade with options with short time of expiration, but not less than 1 minute. But before mentioning the turbo binary options strategy and the ways to earn money on it we should stress its main features.

Scalpers are marked as «elite» not just for empty words. If you want to become a scalper, you will face natural strict selection of the market. Their favorite expression is “a slow trader — a dead trader”. Exactly for this reason, before you will dive into turbo binary options you must get acquainted with the advices and requirements for the traders, who want to earn money on dizzy trading sessions and high-speed deals.

Benefits of trading turbo options

For the first, it’s no difference between pips-traders (another name of scalpers, because their profits is equal to a few pips) and turbo options traders. Actually, in this case the trader has some advantages. Let’s consider what exactly.

Usually some information that scalpers post on specialized portals surprise others. They share not only the parameter of the average profit per deal, in addition you can see the average time within a position. The scalpers have golden rule: one cannot «outsit» and must close the deal after certain amount of time, despite the current result. From this, we can formulate 1st advantage — you are automatically limited in terms of deal time.

2nd advantage is in the following: scalpers spend less than 70% on commissions to stock and brokers. There are different types of limitless conditions and rates, but it will be reasonable to understand them first, because all of them are bound to turnover. Core moment is in that you know how much profit you will get before the ending of the deal and you won’t pay any more.

The 3rd advantage of turbo options strategy is in the terminal. Handy terminal is an instrument that helps trader to spend less time on deal ending and focus all attention on closing deals. In standard mode, you will need to set properties, so you can manage orders. To did it properly traders usually recourse to purchase specialized expensive software.

But to manage easy with these quick deals attend the IQ Option platform. All you will need just to choose the direction and specify the timeframe, and it will be enough.

Try Turbo Options

Economic calendar

All binary options traders have the opportunity to find out the information about current and upcoming events. They can do it simply by monitoring the economic calendar. This feature is their advantage, because well-informed trader is always on news and always is ready for action. But scalpers can’t do this, they have small income per deal which doesn’t allowed to prepare for events. By the time of the news announcement always occurs a volatility lep and deviation from average prices can be very high.

As usual, movement occurs bilaterally and breaks stops. It seems now we revealed why scalpers don’t have the possibility to trade on the news.

The calendar takes the center role in turbo 5 minute binary options trading system because you can see the upcoming events. Let’s look at example: the market can be inactive, or the upcoming event can be so valuable that traders freezes in expectation and consolidate.

But who is well informed — is armed, so such an intensive movements shouldn’t beat you out of balance, keep in mind that it’s normal for market. And with the help of calendar you can track it.

Strange situation is that nearly 90% of turbo options traders don’t pay much attention to these turbo options signal and later they find out that they simply donate to the market.

Risk management in trading turbo options

We should note another significant moment, which was left unattended. Scalpers gain main profit from high turnover. When your trading timeframe is low, the level of profitability is low too, but at the same time the level of  risk is high. For scalpers perfect statistics is, let’s say 6/10 deals. In such kind of trading with low quantity of profitable deals you can’t afford mistakes.

Money management. On the trading forums you can see such posts, as: “After I started trading with turbo options I wasted all my trading capital”.

But when you see it, ask honestly yourself: “did I enter the market spend money or to make?” If you really want to earn something, so you need to show awareness and patience. Huge war campaigns aren’t won only by the perfect moves of conquerors. The victories is shaping up from small pieces, that together give the result. All beginnings need reliable sources and support. So save your recourses, follow advices of our experts and you will build up a deposit on scalper strategy. But always remember it does not work like that: “I will earn more if I increase my investments” — greed bears poverty. Track your minimal sums per deal and a 10-time margin on your deposit. Track the number of losses, with maximum five in one session. Set the limit of losses per day or per week and strictly control it. In case of exceeding it, emediately stop to trade. Before making deals in the real market, we strongly recommend you to always use strategy testers.

Training. We recommend to be well prepared not only with your money and skills, but also in psychological way. Train yourself step by step. We offer you to do the next exercise: without watching the forecasts slowly scroll through the chart manually with a single step equal to one candlestick. Track it upon historical data. It will help you to view all insignificant moments of trade process. Be patient and attentive while doing that:

  • write down losses;
  • make careful decisions;
  • scrutinize the chart attentively;
  • fix the profit, just to know that it exists;

The main goal of this exercise is to prepare you for strict market realities and different situations that is vital and could spontaneously appear while trading.
Try Turbo Options

General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose. 

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