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Protocols` Decentralization for the Establishment of Blockchain Technology Future

Decentralized Protocols

In 2017, we saw a genuine growth spurt in crypto currency market, and there is a logical explanation as to why investors so they become interested.

And 2018 will be the determining factor. Some of the data of the Institute of Funds will be invested in crypto assets, and we want to know the future result.

So now it is important to understand whether we want to participate and learn from it, to understand the difference between individual realities and opportunities.

Bitcoin was firstBitcoin was first, and he was the only field cryptocurrency. The system will allow to replace the centralized economic sphere, to which we have all become accustomed. For the first time, this has become the main currency manipulator works such as online financial transactions. Everything happened between people, but it is recognized that the enormity allowed to go beyond. The whole world recognized the real currency, and in fact, for such confirmation has taken years of practice to prove the process technology.

We can state with confidence that the stimulated interest has caused the appearance of Ethereum in cryptothermology.

Ethereum in cryptothermologyThis protocol is practically forced to implement an application based on blockchain technology, allowing creators and developers to «mint» new tokens in various ways, based on the concept of decentralization.

It turns out that the power of Ethereum was the basis of the creation of new networks rather than a single direction.

The term Ethereum is understood as the protocol.

After creating this protocol, many others began to appear and grow rapidly. In the future, it will work together to form a whole ecosystem.

Consider the following multiple protocols running on blockchain technology that exists at the present time.

EOSEOS is a new decentralized systemFor example, EOS is a new decentralized system for operations, creating and maintaining business applications. It was founded by the same creators Steemit and Bitshares, but the practice is going to be more consistent and tehnologichnogy respect to decision-making in the future.

NEM (XEM) is a modular system of Japan, which was founded in 2015. The purpose of its existence is to develop applications for the whole world to known languages JAVA and C ++.

NEO, which initially called itself AntShares, appeared in 2014. We can compare it with the Asian version Ethereum, which is equipped with all the properties of the prototype protocol, but is based on the operating blockchain technology.

NEO which initially called itself AntSharesStellar (XLM) is an entire system that allows you to monitor the entire debit transactions without spending their status. Due to these features the system has on the functioning of mutual agreement with a major supplier of services, such as IBM.

Lisk – German project interesting, which itself develops a decentralized system. It can be based on different applications and create their own kind, such as JavaScript.

Stratis is a Block chain-as-a-service platform, which provides a range of services for the customers of financial decisions.

Waves – is considered an open platform that reflects the original code. It was created in 2016 by Russian physicist and allows crypts tokens in accordance with different needs on the market.

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