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Olymp Trade Review 2019

Olymp Trade Review

So, back to the sources, and this time we will examine the broker whose offer is related to the binary options. It is «Olymp Trade», and it has been operating for more than 4 years in the market of trade. We decided to test them, and that’s what we found.

We have done this, and now we can share our impressions and results. There are many things that are worth discussing and making them public. Let’s discuss what you can wait while registering and what are the risks? We learn, the features of the broker and its possibilities, and are the Olympiads, which everyone is talking about, terrible about? Let’s see!

Olymptrade.com is owned and operated by Smartex International Ltd. Registration No.: 144540. Registered Address: 103 Sham Peng Tong Plaza, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles
 Broker Olymp Trade
 Founded  2014
 Regulated International Financial Commission
 SupportTypes support
 Languages English, Russian, Portuguese, Bahasa Indonesia, Spanish, ไทย, Türkçe, Tiếng Việt
 Trading Platform Olymptrade
 Minimum 1st Deposit $10
 Minimum Trade Amount $1
 Payout 80-90%
 Number of Assets More than 70
 Expiry Times Min — 60 Sec
Max — a few weeks
 Option Types classic options, short-term, long-term
 Account Currency USD, EUR, RUB
 Free Demo Account yes
 Mobile Platform yes
 Education and Strategy yes
 Contests yes
 Us Trades Allowed no

Olymp Trade Review | First Steps

Registration is very simple and easy. It requires to enter your name, email address, the currency for transactions and all. You can choose the dollar or the euro, and further confirm account via Facebook or Google+, which is very convenient in this case. Then you will already be able to go under the login and password to the system, and nothing more is required. Next, fill out the features that would be useful to you in the work. It is free to invest in addition nothing. After registration you will get access to all data of the system, and can open VIP-account.

A broker can offer a lot, and almost all without exception. By the way, if you do not want to trade more, the system will simply block your entry, and you will not have to take many steps to delete or deactivate it. All this is brought to automatism. Olymp Trade offers storage of all accounts. And in order to withdraw money from the account, it is sufficient to verify your account. To do this, contact the technical support, you will unlock the account and you can withdraw the funds. Then we will devote part of the text the way you will be able to use the Olympics to himself, and gave a detailed overview of the system. Next, you are waiting for the important steps if you’re interested, read below.

Olymp Trade First Steps

Olymp Trade Review | Deposit

Before you start trading, you need to top up your account and make a deposit. Pawn Olymp Trade can be done simply – make data on their bank cards or refill your account with the e-wallet. This system accepts payment via Skrill, Neteller, Qiwi, WebMoney, Yandex or Fasapay. Next, you choose the amount you want to deposit and confirm your selection. In the section of the deposit will reflect all the data on depositing and withdrawing money from the account.

And it is the most important and simple step in the system. It is very easy to make a contribution, as well as withdraw money. The minimum deposit is $10, and can be recharged in dollars or euros, depending on which country you are doing. But not only can you make such action. Your broker can also open the deposits and accounts. He has been collecting, so it will be equal to the sum of the broker, as reflected in your account. To trade, you can also make transactions with only 1 dollar, but the account has to be more. Despite its small deposit, you can win when trading considerable sums of money. Also, the amount of deals available to anyone who has access to the broker, and it is considered to be an open system. More on this in the next section of our website.

Olymp Trade Deposit

Olymp Trade Review | Bonus Policy

 Yes, you can receive a bonus system for the financing of the deposit. Let’s look at this issue in more detail and find out what bonuses you can receive.

The first option is for you – it’s a bonus for creating the account, and can be obtained immediately after the completion of registration. Within an hour, it will be transferred to your account. But there is a special bonus, and is available in 100% of the amount if you meet all the conditions for its receipt. To do this, you need to have a deposit of $30-200 or Euro. So, you can get an extra bonus of 200 euros or dollars, and even more.

You can open an account with Standard Olympus Trading, to get other bonuses from the system. This will allow you to get an additional 30 dollars or more. However, with this amount you will receive only 10%. But if you complete a $5000 account, a deposit bonus of 50%, because a large amount. Thus, you increase your chance of winning by making more deposits and by adding more bonuses. The greater the contribution, the better the trade.

And pay attention to a variety of promotional codes from the system. Broker offers plenty of incentive prizes, and they all depend on the mood of the broker, not the system. In any case, if you’re there sign up, you can get compensation from the company, and start trading, and more, you’ll learn about everything here.

Olymp Trade Bonus

Olymp Trade Review | Software and Trading Platform

 Once the registration is over, you can start trading. Then go to the platform Olymp Trade. Recall that this is a broker of binary options, and this is what you will find there first. It is worth saying that the company was created by a personal development team, and the broker is responsible for everything. This is a great advantage for many traders. It is registered for 80 assets, and they allow you to trade. The amount you can get varies from 2,000 to 5,000 dollars. And if you are a special customer, so the participants give more benefits. The maximum amount for the trade of the same amount of money, that is, how much is invested, as received. This is good if you have a maximum limit of the account, but cannot burn and lose money. Other assets have crypto-currencies, like Bitcoin, Ethereum and something like CryptoIndex, unique to this trading platform.

If we talk about functions, then there are a lot of them. There are indicators of the system, functions for trading, charts and not only. The company specifically created analytical tools and materials for those who value every step in the trade. To promote the software, the system offers many ideas and versions of trade. If you have an economic calendar that runs on a system of symbols, you can convert them to the levels of volatility and market details. In general, all the work is progressing smoothly and quietly. Of course, we are talking about Olymp Trade PC, download and install but do not need to do anything. Login can be done in the online version of the program. And we’ll discuss this further, and show how to apply knowledge to solve trade problems.

Olymp Trade Trading Platform

Olymp Trade Review | Demo Account

No serious broker will not work without the provision of a test version of accounts. It’s a way to show their advantage over other brokers. Here you can also take advantage of this opportunity, if you open an account. Of course, you do not open a separate demo account, only the sub-listing features. You do not need to fill by means of, just use something that gives you a broker. After completing the registration, proceed to use the trade bonus money.

You will immediately receive $10,000, and can be spent on any transaction. The choice of strategy also allows the use of the funds available, and all options are open, both for real-trader. Also, you can test all software and functionality. This is a separate version of the site, and an article about what we did on. The information will help you to properly distribute the funds during trading, and you will learn about all the possibilities of the system.


Olymp Trade Review | Mobile App

 It is important to provide all ways of exchanging finance for your customers. If this is not possible, then, as a broker, you did not take place. Olymp Trade has taken this into account and control, and is therefore always in touch with its trailers. It offers a mobile application for all operating systems. This can all be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. The number of downloads reaches 5 million times or more. Imagine how many people use this reserve and platform. Many leave feedback, and we have studied them. More than 90% of them are only positive, which indicates the reliability and reliability of the declared information. Customers are happy, as there is profit, and VIP customers receive up to 90% of revenue. The application also contains many useful materials, work methods and not only. As stated earlier, the platform created its own software, which speaks of high-speed quotes.

You will get many advantages, because clicking on the screen already gives out all the information, and this is not all the pluses of the program’s implementation. And here’s a detailed review we will present below for those who want to be aware of all innovations.

Olymp Trade Mobile App

Olymp Trade Review | VIP Account

 You can use trading signals from a broker if you need help. This fusion is available to VIP customers, and the other benefits are unlimited for them. As we have said, they profit from the additional format all completions of deposit, including bonuses. This involvement of up to 90%, while others have only 80%. You can get a free information about how to invest and trade. At VIP customers have the data on the web workshops, they can participate in an interest-free transactions and not only. If you need expert advice and knowledge you will gain from the leading traders.

But how to become a VIP client of the Olymp Trade platform? Sometimes, it’s enough to have $ 2000 on the deposit account, and the account itself will be updated to this status. Many binary options brokers are asking for more money, and it is similar in behavior to the negative side systems. Tens of thousands of simple status – this is not always convenient, and very risky. And you have a chance to safely get the status of VIP customer, and return on investment in all cases, the different hands occur. For this you just need to register and start trading. We offer a look at how in fact the situation with the withdrawal of money VIP platform customers. About it in detail, you will learn from the Olympics review.

Olymp Trade VIP Account

Olymp Trade Review | How To Withdraw

Withdrawing funds is a complex process, but very fast and reliable with this broker. Why? For a broker to survive in a competitive struggle, he must work smoothly, otherwise he will go bankrupt. With the withdrawal of money, the traders do not have any problems, and we checked it. But you have to respect a number of nuances to this procedure, and by that we are talking about checking account. This is advantageous because the account may fall into bad hands (if you’ve given someone access). As any self-respecting system will never bring a lot of money just so quick and easy. For reliable output need a photo of documents that you own the account. If you want to know about the ways of fraud, here is our article that will survive on traders` level, and shows that such deception on the example of the Olymp Trade.

To make a withdrawal, log in to your account with your username and password. In the withdrawal, open finance monitoring. Further, in order to withdraw money, use the same method as for replenishment. Processing of the request can last 5 days. If you’ve added funds or online banking systems of systems, the output needs to be done through them – Qiwi, Yandex, Neteller, Skrill, Fasapay, Webmoney and bank cards. Remember that the transfer to a bank card is available only in a few regions. As with replenishment, the percentage for withdrawal will be charged. By the way, the output also has a low threshold and is only 10 dollars or euros. This is the most flexible of all the known broker. There are no limits, and we can say with certainty about it only positive. Next, we will show in our review of how to make a withdrawal, which will help to expand your outlook on the system.


Olymp Trade Review | Strategies And Education

There is no need to register for the courses to get training on trafficking. A trader can learn about all the nuances right from within the system. So, you can see how many brokers are trying to help their clients, so they could clear the work process in the platform. Olymp Trade offers free training, you will not get anywhere, except here. Here you will learn about the three components of the trade: webinars, strategies and indicators.

The first thing you should learn is the presentation and video workshops. They will help to be aware of all the features of the system. For beginners, they will help to keep the right attitude, and the ability to select their native language will delight traders from around the world. Here threads separated from the information in order to clarify the content of the materials. As the MACD, RSI, Japese Pearl, requires a lot of study, and here you will find out about it. After training, you can start your own trading strategy that could be helpful to other users.

If you want to quickly skip the first step, webinars will help you in this matter. The site is equipped with all the materials, archives, also has a broker organization, which is available online. It will notify you about new books and reports. As a rule, without this step cannot do any one trader, even the master of his craft. If you want to become an expert, you should know more than the system. Olymp Trade has its own channel on YouTube, which contains a video for every level of user. They are in different languages, and in English as well. If everyone knows the international language, all materials will be readily apparent and available. With the total sheet, you can choose a favorite video to watch it. Everything is as usual on the channel. Another part of the Olymp Trade requires information about where the most interesting information.

Olymp Trade Strategies And Education

Olymp Trade Review | Contests

What is a binary options contest or tournament you ask? Well in the same nature as a poker tournament, a binary options tournament is entered by participants with the goal of beating all of the other players and walking away with a cash prize. The contests are run daily, weekly, monthly and for varying lengths of times.

For those of you who don’t want to be tied to a tournament for a long period of time there are those who offer one hour tournaments as opposed to those that last a week. There are big cash prizes to be won but they don’t all cost a fortune to enter. There are actually many that are free to enter or have a low entry fee. Obviously the prizes are lower but they are great for those who just want to dabble.

Olymp Trade Contests

Olymp Trade Review | Success Stories

When you study a broker, you must contact people who can provide you with information about it. So, you see, who and what is shared with you. However, be aware that no one will ever tell you how he achieved his success. You do not get a perfect recall even once, because each trader is faced with difficulties. And if it’s perfect, so he does not know anything about the platform. Needless to say well only about the pros, who have a broker, but not on the work as a whole. But you already know what to expect from the system, knowing how to work the other, and that’s why it is important to make contact.

Let’s just say that no history is not similar to the one that is the Olymp Trade. There are a lot of ups and downs, but the one who invests a dollar or two, the whole becomes a millionaire after some time. It is something else, can cause a person to believe revenue system and further work with it. Simply put, all the traders who have helped us create a view, saying that you need to know about the risks. They all are and will be here as long as you trade. Who does not risk, that does not become a millionaire.

And the risk is always justified, because you do not know at what point you will become rich. More than just a trade value faith and luck, because that’s what it helps to achieve success. This is always the case, due to the economy and trade in all areas. The application can work fine, but with no luck, and materials, experience and desire you will not become rich and successful man.

However, we have not interviewed traders who work here a year or two, because they cannot really say. But the comments that have come from these people, tell a different story. It is important to understand the concept of a system that provides trading in binary options. If you feel the same way, and all that is written in the article, you share, traders will be able to help you reach the heights. If you only want to profit, just read our reviews, and stay with us at the Olymp Trade, because only here you will get more than money or information.


Olymp Trade Review | Support

If you focus on making a profit, you should take care of the continuous monitoring of the account, and for continuous trading needs support. That it will always be close and in touch with you in difficult moments. The platform group team helps you with everything. Of course, it will not be for you to solve your problems, but happy to help guide on the right path. Contact number is visible on the site, but you can write an e-mail. You can also use the internal pages of the site – feedback.

But the fastest way to get support is considered an online chat. Here you have to communicate with the consultant, who quickly solve all your problems. It is something like a detailed FAQ section, called Knowledge Base. There is already considered 50 questions that often arise among traders. This helps to quickly cope with the task, without waiting queues and response. Answer variants are put in advance, which is very convenient for all newcomers.

You can also use the social network for communication. We also mentioned the YouTube channel, where you can communicate with the support group. They are available on Google+ and on Facebook. This is public relations, and the variety of options for communication is amazing. This brings the broker closer to everyone who is comfortable with using this or that way of talking. Please, remember how everything works, then quickly solve your problem. And this is just the reason why the company is popular all over the world. Do you want to know which countries have such opportunities? Then stay with us.

Olymp Trade Support

Olymp Trade Review | Accepted Countries

Not all countries can use binary options, because it is not always reflected in the legislation. Trading is unfortunately not yet firmly entered into the world of modern technology, but most countries are already with us. For example, the broker is already very popular in Brazil, Portugal, Hindi, but is limited in Russia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Kenya, the Philippines and South Africa.

Unfortunately, Olymp Trade does not accept traders from the United States because they do not meet the requirements of the legal system. Even if a man will trade from the United States, all of its payment will be frozen control system. Therefore, you should initially check all methods of working with each broker. This is the most important thing that should be in front of your eyes.

Olymp Trade Review | Regulation

Olymp Trade is a reliable broker, a member of the Financial Commission of A category. This is proof of the high quality of services and guarantees each trader deposit insurance, comprehensive support and prompt resolution of all issues.

Olymp Trade Regulation

Olymp Trade Review | Conclusion

And almost all binary systems may include a review of this additional platform. If you like to trade, it is your company that will help you achieve financial independence and experience. But here are the lowest financial demands, and the company has created all conditions for a pleasant experience. The required amount of VIP clients is unlimited, and you can easy to become one. You get access to the signals and alert the company. Here you will receive training, through all stages of a step-by-step without risks, and support will always be in touch. Finally, let’s not forget that you get a small bonus, which can be large or small. And this is also very good, and for this you need only open a brokerage account. But that’s enough, let’s try to trade on Olymp Trade. Open an account and plunge into the world of binary options.



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Olymp Trade Review 2019 updated: February 23, 2019 author: admin


  1. If you’re interested in options, I can recommend you Olymp Trade. That’s a really large and reliable broker that is constantly developing and creating new benefits. Currently they can offer their clients an original platform, honestly the best of all I’ve ever seen, and a handy mobile app. Their payout rates is quite decent – about 80%, though it can vary. Some brokers’ rates might be slightly higher, but Olymp Trade offers you an opportunity to become their VIP-client, which will result in your profitability increasing up to 90%! Plus, a VIP gets a personal manager and some additional privileges.

  2. I never believe that Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency is real because I have lost a lot of money to scammers until I was introduced to a Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency manager MR Felix Kennedy who help me make $40k with the minimum of $5k.. I never believe in him until I made my first withdrawal then I realized that his genuine trader…. You don’t have to worry about anything, he is a trustworthy person, he is going to help you recover all your lost and retrieve your money from your broker if they don’t want to release it to you as he helped me also…. So if you are interested in Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency investment and mining, feel free to reach out to Mr. Felix Kennedy on his private email.felixkennedy29@gmail .com he is going to help you succeed as he has also helped me.

  3. Williams jackson

    Hello i’m very happy to tell the world today that i’m very happy,i invested 180k funds in Binary trade and i lost both my capital and my profit,at first i thought all
    hope was lost until a friend introduced me to one Mr Steven Connell who was a certified binary trade expert,he helped me and now i have recovered 140k funds,i’m so happy to tell the world,you can reach him on Stevenconnell990@gmail.com.

  4. I’m glad I was able to recover my funds from these fake investors , I would have had to file for bankruptcy, thanks to Geminihacks -.- com. I was able to get a hold of these scam brokers and take back my money. I would gladly refer anyone.

  5. Olymp Trade is a reliable platform for trading with any kind of budget and types of investments. I apply completely different strategies to my trading and I won’t recommend you focusing to much on just one of them. One is ok for today, and tomorrow it’s a different one. I don’t work here with my own budget, but with the budget of my investors. Сompared to other platforms, I’m not worried about the money and transaction safety. It’s a low-abiding broker who doesn’t participate in illegal affairs. I trade with a good profit and I train with their videos on youtube. They constantly post something new and useful.

  6. It is rare now to meet this kind of professionals. I am very pleased with the cooperation with the online investment platform Olymp Trade. Among its bright advantages I can mention free comprehensive training for those who is just making the first steps in trading. A detailed description of the circulations in the market will allow the novice to understand how and where to click. It also has one handy thing called stop outs. Stop out is a program that won’t allow a trader to close a trade with a threshold lower than the initial investment. If you bought a share for $54, and it began to fall after growing, then the stop-out will stop the deal exactly at 54.

  7. Everything seems great to me when working with Olymp Trade. This is not the worst online investment platform, but on the contrary, it’s in the top 3, I think. I started working with them in early 2018 when I switched to media advertising. At that time, I was actively looking for investment platforms, but never dared to register. Registration is quick and easy. Regarding the work process, the money’s withdrawn without any problems. You get bonuses for signing up and making a deposit. It is convenient and profitable to trade pips as there are no spreads and the deals can be closed fast. I choose Olymp Trade for reliability and favorable trading conditions.

  8. Real trading turned out to be a shock for me, because the psychological pressure is much greater. Every loss is frustrating. But everything can be adjusted to. It’s amazing how rapidly Olymp is developing its trading platform. Platform, training materials and bonuses are the most important things for a newbie. All of this helped ultimately make trading profitable.

  9. frederickgeorge

    people say that binary options broker doesn’t keep to their word and their a lot of scam, I can boldly say that is not true their are still good people out there, I have been doing a lot of trading and winning .not quite long I was referred by a friend of mine to one Mr Richard for assistance with his master class intelligence, I’m able to make $12k in a week and also recovered all my lost funds and a successful withdraw. So if you needs his help you can contact him through his email …

  10. I’ve been working with Olymp Trade for six months and tried many options from cryptocurrency to indexes. Everyone says that cryptocurrencies are good for making money, but I can’t recommend them because of the complete unpredictability of their behavior. How can you rely on cryptocurrencies, if each exchange has its own quotes? The broker focuses on several quote suppliers and develops its own quote, which can be compared with the ones of exchanges rather arbitrarily. Currencies and indices are a different story! There are more regularities and less uncertainty factors here, and profit is more stable. A demo helps a lot in experiments. Wish you all profit!

  11. frederickgeorge

    people say that binary options broker doesn’t keep to their word and their a lot of scam, I can boldly say that is not true their are still good people out there, I have been doing a lot of trading and winning .not quite long I was referred by a friend of mine to one Mr Richard for assistance with his master class intelligence I’m able to make $12k in a week and also recovered all my lost funds and a successful withdraw. So if you needs his help you can contact him through his email …

  12. I used to just keep track of Olymp Trade for a some time. After studying its terms, I decided to open a real trading account this month. So far I’ve only made a few currency transactions, which can be complete in mere seconds. I haven’t tried withdrawing money yet, well, there’s nothing to withdraw actually. If I’m not mistaken, you need to get verified for that, I don’t know how exactly just yet, but I was said there’s nothing difficult in that. I like this program, it’s simple and it has a nice interface. It’s not overloaded with buttons and settings. There’s everything you need for fast working.

  13. The broker is convenient, I haven’t noticed any problems with the quotations on the charts, everything’s the same as on the market, I’ve checked on other terminals. I already tried withdrawing money, you only need to go through a simple verification process, and everything worked out well. The set of strategies is very helpful in this case, there are about 10 of them. The trading program isn’t overcomplicated, you literally learn it on the go. The interface is simple and in the meantime it has everything you need for trading.

  14. I learned to do technical analysis and use indicators correctly thanks to the Olymp platform. Like everyone else, at first I wanted to develop my own trading system, I tried different options, starting, of course, with martingale, and I came to understand that it’s enough to calculate the fundamental risks and relate the movement of assets in accordance with technical parameters. There’re no problems with level’s calculation on Olymp platform. Then I attached the MACD and the probability of successful deals is 7-8 out of ten. I make up to 10% of the deposit per day. Loses are a rare thing.

  15. Broker is excellent. I did not have any questions to work with this broker. Everything works fine, and I’m quite happy with the profit.

  16. By trading Olymp Trade, I have only positive feedback. During all the time with him, there were no questions. Money deduces, with it any problems.

  17. I’m happy that the work was chosen by Olymp Trade Broker. I believe that he made really high-quality, and brings good money. In principle, I have no complaints about his work.

  18. All in all, the broker is promising. It has a small deposit, great trading conditions, simple and convenient platform, which combines binary options and traditional forex trading with currencies, shares, indices and etc. The bonus system came to help oftentimes. It gives an additional bonus while refilling the account. Actually, the system is well thought out to the last detail but there is still some room for improvement. I would like have several charts displayed at once so I could observe all of them simultaneously. Considering the upgrade speed, I think that it would be possible to make it soon.

  19. Quite a good company Olymp Trade. So far the results seemed to me quite good, and the money was withdrawn without any problems.

  20. I actually picked this broker because it has a considerabe number of assets. Olymp has 12 cryptos, 28 cryptocurrency pairs (most of them are cross-currency) and some commodities too. You can trade binary options or forex as a in more traditional way, i.e. there’s quite a range of possibilities. There’s a whole bonus system specially designed for amateurs, when the deposit’s lost the trading goes on with the bonus money, in fact, you still can withdraw all your profit. It actually works. I’ve tried it many times 🙂 I’ve heard that people earn good money, but for me playing forex is just an entertainment. It has suitable terms for playing.

  21. I have been working with the broker Olymp Trade for a very long time. During this time, I have not seen any problems and my earnings are at a consistently high level, it’s nice to cooperate with such guys

  22. Olymp has more than a dozen of cryptocurrencies. I won’t list them, but all the main ones are there. And you don’t have to work bonuses off. This means that profit from trading with a bonus can be withdrawn almost immediately. And this’s a rare thing with others, if it happens at all. You’re usually offered to make orders worth ten times more than bonus before making fund withdrawal. While all this is done, sometimes there is already nothing to withdraw. There’s no such thing on Olymp.

  23. How many cryptocurrencies does Olymp have? And what are these mysterious free bonuses?

  24. Olymp Trade is a fine platform for trading. This is my first broker, I started trading there. Now I’m trading with one more broker and on a crypto-exchange. But I don’t quit Olymp because everything is happening quickly and money is withdrawn quickly there. I was attracted to $10 min. deposit, but I began to appreciate both the convenient platform and free bonuses in due time. If there were more cryptocurrencies, I would not even look at exchanges.

  25. Sufficiently still a convenient broker, as for me. There are no problems with the work – everything works fine. I believe that this company can bring quite a good profit with the correct approach to work.

  26. I never believe that Binary & Forex is real because I have lost a lot of money to scammers until I was introduced to a binary option and Forex manager Mr michael roland who help me make $14200 with the minimum of $2000.. I never believe in him until I made my first withdrawal then I realized that he’s a genuine trader…. You don’t have to worry about anything, he’s a trustworthy person, he is going to help you recover all your lost and retrieve your money from your broker if they dont want to release it to you as he helped me also…. So if you are interested in Binary& Forex I would like you to contact Mr michael via google mail at michaelroland727gmail .com he is going to help you succeed as he has also helped me

  27. It’s okay for working. The platform is visually and functionally good, there are many technical indicators. I don’t personally have any complaints about olymp trade, they let me profit and it’s enough, another issue is that I can’t really do it myself yet.

  28. I think this platform is ok. I can’t see anything special about it. The return on asset is pretty standard. To be fair though, the return in vip accounts is up to 90%. The asset range is also standard. There are no problems with payments but it’d be great if money transfer was quicker.

  29. Quite a stable broker, it’s been on the market for many years and it quite honest with traders. The funds get withdrawn in full without any delyas, profitable deals aren’t cancelled either. No complaints, I will continue to trade…

  30. The broker Olymp Trade is fine, but if you do not know what are you doing, you will lose! You have to do some serous preparation before you deposit. Get a strategie, do back-testing, know what to expect.

    • Deposit and withrawal are done with ease and safe. I have been trading with this company for about 2 years or more now, Till date, there has never been a problem.

  31. I am very happy with this broker. in my opinion, this broker is now one of the market leaders, after all, it really is possible to earn very good profit.

  32. ‎Mark Lindquist

    For me, a huge advantage of options has always been a low entry barrier and it’s quite low in this company, just $ 10. The remaining advantages can include an extensive range of options, rather quick withdrawal, and of the ability to replenish and withdraw money through the most popular electronic payment systems.

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