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IQ Robot – easy binary options strategy

IQ Option, being one of the most trustworthy brokers for newbies and expert traders as well, haven`t been working with auto trading software until September 2016 when its own Auto Trader had been developed. IQ Robot has rapidly gained popularity among traders due to its outstanding features. Now we are going to tell you everything about robot trading at IQ Option.

What makes it different?

While the broker still don`t compatible with any third-party auto trader, it launched something different, something that may overturn your preconceptions about the industry. Instead of allowing outsiders, the IQ Option developers have decided to create a whole platform which every trader can use to set up his or her own IQ Robot and create simple binary options strategy.

The platform provides experienced traders the opportunity to delegate some of their responsibilities to something that will do all the “dirty” work. The IQ Option robot represents another layer of collaboration between the market and the trader, which is fully controlled by the latter. IQ Robot allows:

  • to set up your own trading algorithm;
  • to test constructed robot on historical quotes to check the effectiveness of your strategy;
  • to set the parameters of management such as martingale and stop losses;
  • to create an IQ Robot and make it publicly available. Also you can utilize IQ Robots created by other traders;
  • to access to statistics that are available on the most effective robots.


Is IQ Robot worth your trust?

Nowadays there are a lot of automated binary options software available on the market. Despite the fact that many of the applications are trustworthy, some traders were unlucky enough to run into robots, the only purpose of which was getting the client`s money. However, the robots are an excellent form of help especially in situations when human beings aren`t able to respond rapidly. Furthermore, they can provide easy binary options strategy for both newcomers and experienced traders. The most important thing is to choose the right robot, the one you can rely on.

IQ Robots are definitely worth your trust. The trading robots, which were created by the users with the help of the new IQ Robot platform can`t be scams. After all, their creators utilize them. IQ Robot is not several auto-traders, it is a robot-creation platform, which may in theory can produce an unlimited number of trading robots.

iq robot

The features of IQ Option Robot

The robot-creation platform is free and fully accessible to everyone. Furthermore, it is available in English and in Russian as well to help traders to overcame the language barrier. Although it is not excluded that they may add more languages later on.

Two types of robot constructors are available within the platform: a complicated and a simple one. The choice of the type depends on trader`s skills and degree of technical analysis expertise. More than that, you can test your robot`s parameters on historical data before using it thus will help users to find out whether their creation effective or not.

IQ Robots allow users to set different strategies under which the auto-trader will act. Furthermore, the platform includes one more aspect of beneficial trading: capital management. Due to this feature the user is able to apply the Martingale approach or to set stop-losses.

However, the most significant IQ Robot feature is the General List of Robots where the most effective robots is represented for public viewing. Not only robot builders present their creations there, but any interested person can use these robots at no cost.

How can you trade with IQ Robots?

There are only three ways to do this:

  • By choosing the someone`s robot through the Catalog
  • By building a robot with the help of the constructor (for experienced traders)
  • By building a robot with the help of the IQ Robot Wizard (for novices)


IQ Option is a very good broker. Its platform for auto trading is an excellent choice for newbies who will be able to update their skills as well as for experienced traders who are striving to form simple binary option strategy.

IQ Robot doesn`t requires programming or deep technical knowledge for full-fledged using. Meanwhile user has full control over the robots, but it let traders make profit automatically. Due to all its features the platform can become the greatest innovation in the industry.

For more information about the IQ Robot by IQ Option go to https://robots.iqoption.com.

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General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose. 

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