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How to Use the IQ Option to Make Trading Operations with Cryptresources?

How to Trade Cryptocurrencies with IQ Option

Recently it has become very popular to deal with cryptocurrency and use these resources. Only statistics for last year rose bitcoin in the demand for 617%. The owners of other resources such as Ethereum and Ripple also showed good results in the field of income. As evidence, they submitted plans, where profits increased by 2,900% and 1,000% respectively in this year of 2017. In general, the total amount of investments made it possible to calculate the winnings of these leaders – leap reached $200 billion. Indeed, experienced traders can carry not just the currency markets, but also to manage the network of sales campaigns, which will lead them to the dream. Powerful strategy development, cryptocurrencies, demand trends, and much more – this is a strong point of the current case. CFD allows you to take in hand some of the money to by subsequent manipulations and calculations to raise even more money.

Wide choice of cryptocurrencies on IQ Option trading platform

IQ Option is now treated as a global well-known provider of cryptocurrency market. Interface deserves special attention, as the program has everything you need for ease of use, rapid decision-making and selection of an intuitive platform to work with a partner. Newcomer’s also understandable interface, it’s simple. Also IQ Option provides all clients with a database, which indicates a range of services and tools performance. They need to trade, data collection and analysis.

Is there an additional in IQ Option of functionality?

What distinguishes IQ Option in the process of buying/selling cryptocurrency?

You can put into operation cryptographic CFD, which will help to complete the trans of purchase and sale. Through the platform it is much more convenient to purchase and sell crypt currencies. Once you spend a few operations, you will feel how easy and simple to perform even a complex task.

Your benefit is that the ratio value of the currency and cryptocurrency will be relatively similar, but not as in other platforms – depending on bank foreign trade markets. Embedded crypto-letters of credit will be equal in value to your investments. No difference occur only deal. If we talk about the force majeure, it is worth considering the risks, isn`t it? No, no credit assistance, you can also manage them.

How to trade cryptocurrencies on IQ Option

Just determine what type of currency you need to purchase. Click the «get/vend», opening a new asset (a cross at the top of the monitor) in your personal cabinet.

Select a currency symbol, such as the dollar. The ratio, select the virtual cryptocurrency, which will be the equivalent of dollars. Click «vend/buy» and in the «amount» enter the number at the bottom.

Click «purchase» and «vend».

How to trade cryptocurrencies on IQ Option

After the trans are complete, you can monitor the real-time transaction. The system allows you to display all the data on the profit and loss account on the screen. IQ Option Now offers many different cryptocurrency that can carry out your plan or strategy to perform a number of operations, and not only – Ethereum, Dash, Ripple, bitcoin, bitcoin cash, and much more. Soon there will be a few more figures cryptocurrency that will add to your portfolio. And the more they are bigger, the wider the range of policy choices and profits.

Make a bet and invest in IQ Option:

Click Deposit;

Select remuniration method:

Deposit money to your IQ Option account

Please note that you can make up for the costs in your personal account, not only buy fiat currency, but bitcoin.

For the record – to withdraw the amount, proceed as follows:

Click «withdraw funds» in a private office:

Make a bet and invest in IQ Option

Select the method of withdrawal:

Select the method of withdrawal

Optionally, you can use a personal card.

How to split tokens OTN on IQ Option?

The system functional convenient service appeared recently – token Open Trading Network (OTN). OTN is the first decentralized service for the exchange of currencies. Safety is guaranteed by its built-in functions in IQ Option platform. All account holders will be one OTN purse with their funds in cryptocurrency. And they can do it with the rate buy and sell currencies. You can make an investment in the overall portfolio.

IQ Option system participants can be involved into OTN. These points will be distributed to all IQ Option users every Monday based on retail sales arsenal commissions. They are created in advance for the week to end operations. OTN signs are used for payment of fees in the system, and also can be reverdes into coins. The latter is used for transactions payment, additionally to paying fees for the implementation of these transactions.

Token`s pricing policy increased over the past few weeks:

The OTN Token is included in the top 100 worldwide crypto conversions, which are carried out on the basis of market capitalization.

How to mine OTN Tokens on IQ Option

You can use OTN tokens on the IQ Option:

Login to your personal account and click Cryptocurrencies. Select the assets for the trade and the amount for the investments. You shall see how many tokens are available for crediting to your account.

You can mine OTN tokens on IQ Option

Bitcoin withdraw from the account in IQ Option

How to withdraw Bitcoin from your IQ Option account

  • You can now remove bitcoin – install to begin Bitcoin wallet. You can apply it to Blockchain, CoinBase or Jaxx. Next, purchase it using Cryptocurrency option in the IQ Option platform:

Buy Bitcoin through the Cryptocurrency

  • Open your portfolio on the left panel of your trade room and locate the Bitcoin open position. Click on it to see the details of the trade:

Click on it to see the details of the trade:

  • Choose the withdrawal icon at the bottom of the details list and click on it:

Choose the withdrawal icon at the bottom of the details list and click on it

  • Now enter your Bitcoin wallet address and place a withdrawal request.

There are also details about the trans. Further down is the cell to enter the address of the purse, which will be transferred the money. When the transaction is approved, you receive a notification of the transfer of funds in accordance with the Bitcoin rate during the order placement.

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General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose. 


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