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IQ Option Binary Broker Review 2019

IQ Option Review 2018

Having come to the binary options retail trading industry, IQ Option became a new player and created a bit of stir by its emergence. The approaches that were adopted by the Broker differed markedly from those that other players used. Striving to provide traders with better conditions IQ Option has created user-friendly interface, which you will appreciate from the first look. At the time make binary options more attractive since its creation.

IQ offers an ideal solution for binary options traders. The demo account is considered to be the only opportunity to work outside of time. This type of trading platform has its limitations, but it is very convenient – there IQ Option application (customized solution for all operating systems). Well-designed, it has access to transactions as Forex. CFD has direct access to the Bitcoin market, forex trading and cryptocurrency. Tools «stop-loss» are added to the application to increase rates on strategy «profit». But let’s check the advantages that make IQ Option unique.

Our review covers every function of this and more of these elements further. Here you will learn why traders give advice on what brokers better and filled with a variety of functional positions. There is also a minimum withdrawal of funds for Paypal and Neteller. There are special codes, and even IQ video projection, which is considered fraud. Although, this is not the case, since interest and bonuses accrued there.

Offering loyal terms of cooperation to traders, the company has gained popularity among traders all over the world.

IQOPTION LTD Registration No. 24840 IBC 2018
Address: Hinds Building, Kingstown, St. Vincent and Grenadines
Tel: +44 20 8068 0760
 Broker IQ Option
 Founded  2013
 Regulated yes
 SupportTypes support
 Languages English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Swedish, Italian,
Turkish, Indonesian, Thai, Chinese, Korean
 Trading Platform Iqoption
 Minimum 1st Deposit $10
 Minimum Trade Amount $1
 Payout Up to 91%*
*Amount to be credited to account in case of successful trade
 Number of Assets 89
 Trading instruments Binary Options, Digital Options, Forex, CFD, Crypto
 Account Currency USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, RUB
Ways of deposit/withdrawal Credit Card, Wire Transfer, Skrill, Qiwi, WebMoney,
CashU, iDeal, Fasapay, Neteller, Boleto
 Free Demo Account yes
 Mobile Platform yes
 Education and pattern yes
 Analytics yes
 Tournaments yes
 Countries All nations excluding the USA, Japan, Canada, Israel, Syria, Sudan and Iran

*Amount to be credited to account in case of successful trade.

General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

Is IQ Option A Scam?

IQ Option is licensed and regulated by the CySEC supervisory authority and they have registered with other authorities intentionally to prove the legal activities of the trade.

Established in mid 2013, the brand is – in our opinion here at expertbinarybrokers.com– one of the most reliable and innovative binary brokers in the industry. Their reputation is increasing every year, earning rewards. They have received the status of reviewers due to a variety of industry combinations.

Our review is also positive about IQ Option. Customers have few complaints, and the platform is easy to use. She works for several years, at a forum about her good reviews. The company operates transparently, consistently reports are sent to customers.

To preserve the reputation and credibility, they carry out the following steps:

  • Demo Account – a system that works with real money and accounts, which interact with the framework. IQ Option focuses on trading, which can give the opportunity to hone skills before use, thereby keeping the trader.
  • Proposals – the system gives bonuses to all clients. On deposit accounts, they stopped on December 14 because of the CySec rules introduced. The regulator of financial relations ruled that the type of bonus will be considered a risk, as a regulated trade brand.
  • Hedging – IQ Option is transparent, understandable in terms of the positions of their own appointments. This encourages traders to knowledge brokers. IQ Option actively manages risk.
  • Support – it involves communication and information in several languages. Provided a chat room for solving urgent complaints. You can unlock, delete or close your account. But for more complex situations, you can turn to in advance by telephone.


IQ Option Review | Trading Platform

To provide customers with access to financial markets, IQ Option creates a personal platform. It was developed in 2016, upgraded to version 4.0. So, interface became functional for trading platforms, and many aspects are unlike those that have become familiar in other areas of commerce. Among the assortment of tools are present: stop-loss, profit levels, non-standard binary operations. This enables us to prove that the system is individual, unique, advanced compared to other platforms.

The platform is available as a web-based hub, or alternatively, traders can download a version for either PC or Mac. Download will go faster than usual.

Now, when there is not an extra second, the Metatrader 4 system (mt4) is started. Customers who trade at the site can choose the trading conditions manually.

It is understood that the software is considered to be complex and long in terms of research, but the trading platform is worth it. This is valued by brokers in the binary industry especially, because it is over the counter (OTC).

In addition to the updated visual content trading platform allows traders to change the chart of four completely different layouts:

  • Line
  • Candlestick
  • Area
  • Bar

The time scale for the graphs may be selected from the slots 18 presented. They can be used for charts just to confirm the trend for a longer period of time. In addition, there are other tools that are used to draw lines. With their help traders can make technical capabilities easier and more affordable. Recent updates have been introduced and graphics. It has a relative strength index (RSI), Moving Averages, and all can be noted in the chart below.

The size of the trade is determined from 1 to 10 000 dollars. Everything relates to the classic options. Surely, the most useful feature is the ability of traders to make several trades in the same graph. This is a very important and useful because complex strategies in trading require strong signals and intersections in them.

There are other useful educational materials, which are issued by the system customers. They are also available in the demo, and tutorial on the platform also contain that information. There are other methods that contain charts with data for trading in different windows. Their range is large, and all of them are necessary for traders.

More modern products such as trade in foreign currency, different from crypto-currency market. However, there are different options for compatibility with the help of forex trades and leverage the stop-loss. For example, Forex as Bitcoin or Ethereum, also offer similar functions. But they do not have a statute of limitations, and these materials are not limited to customer traffic and time.

You can also change the appearance of the interface, which is presented in a range of trade, and there you will find all the information for the trader.


IQ Option Review | Demo Account

IQ Option offer the best demo account terms in the industry. It is a No deposit demo account. The balance can be restored to $1000 as often as required, and the practice account is useable long term, there are no time restrictions.

The demo, or virtual, account can also run alongside a real money account – not “instead of”. This allows real money traders to change into the demo account, and trial a new strategy or strategies without risking real money. It is the most flexible demo account available and is entirely risk free. This offering, coupled with the low minimum deposit, is why this broker have grown so quickly. It is also why the brand attracts beginners and novices. It demonstrates a real confidence with the brand that they have the best trading platform, and know that once traders have used it – they will stay with them.

IQ Option Review | Mobile App

The IQ Option app keeps pace with the development of the trading platform, and can ensure a constant flow of updates on mobile devices. It also displays the work area on the screen, download button appearance and full screen website.

The mobile application is considered to be an individual product for each phone and OS, so Android IQ Option made specifically for such devices, and iOS written taking into account the peculiarities and specifics of other devices. Therefore, there are no conflicts of operating systems does not arise. Thanks to the attention to every detail of the program adjusted in detail for each type of smartphone.

The latest Apple updates refer to binary options, where applications were built on the IQ Option system. They have changed the operating system version to comply with the new regulations. They can adapt to changes in the landscape of investment. The new version will automatically load that includes forex and CFD. These include transactions with cryptocurrency.

There is also a version of the IQ Option for Windows, which is compatible with other systems. Download button will be presented below in the Google Play or the App Store with the latest version of the updates. You can select a suitable app for mobile commerce:

Download the IQ Option App

IQ Option available for download on iPhone or any other device with this operating system.

IQ Option App Android IQ Option App App iOS

Prevention of general risk: Financial products offered by the company, can have a high level of risk and lead to a loss of all funds. Do not invest money that you cannot lose.

IQ Option Review | Demo Video

Further demonstration system presented via video. This is a complete representation of all the developments in recent years that have been introduced in the 4.0 platform. The presentation includes a list of opportunities for users – an improved interface, a trading area, an upgrade of price charts and a timeframe. Also it shows how to add the imposition of technical analysis to improve trade.

Video submission is not considered as a training tool. But it has full information about the shape of the program, new platforms and differences from other broker binary options.


IQ Option Review | Trading Options

IQ Option is constantly replenished with a database portfolio and assets. Traders can trade with 4 major assets as forex, commodities, stocks and indices. They also respond to customer demand, for example, the Nintendo was introduced in the list of stocks, as the interest in this method of trading has increased after the appearance of the game Pokemon Go.

The currency pairs are also considered as a separate category for the trade of goods. NOK, SEK and TRY have been added to the system as exotic currencies. The list of assets for inexhaustible as ever. And in different markets, they will be in demand, because each trader can use tricks of trade.

There have also been added to the terms of the transaction. Previously, the market was working with short-term investments and are now available for investment and long-term system and deposits. Recent changes allow to make contributions for a month or more, without prejudging the end of the trading day. Forex and CFD-transaction now gives more choices to customers. Traders can choose the currency per pip or sell it. Expansion under cryptocurrency offers additional access to Bitcoin and six currencies through the contract and the difference. Validity is unlimited.


IQ Option Review | Account Type

The company also offers its VIP customers account with special conditions. To get a VIP-account, the trader must put a deposit on a 3000 dollars. Benefits for this type of account are as follows:

High payout (e.g., 3% on the FTSE trades or Google).

Entrance to the large trading with winnings up to 100 000 dollars.

Tutorials, exclusive materials.

IQ Option Review | Payments

In the case of the return of deposits, the standard payment rates will be competing. With the right mix of tools traders will be able to pay up to 91% of the successful bid when. Money will change, everything depends on the asset and the expiry of the limitation period of time. Payment in the amount of 91% «title» refers to one of the best in the industry, and they are paid for products such as Forex and CFD.

Everything will depend on the effectiveness of the underlying asset. IQ Option offers risk management tools, including stop-loss and shoulder. It can be set to zero, you can choose a different position. New products are already in the league of major global brokers and their proposals will be directed to available communication with bitcoin. Direct access to essential transactions can only be found here.

Spreads in foreign exchange trading and CFD will also be super competitive. Therefore, the costs and charges commission for the conduct of business accounts are too small compared with the large online brokers.

IQ Option Review | Promotional Code

Previously, the system offers monthly codes for new customers, so that they can test and evaluate the application. They were paid for in matches and the depository, and over time they increased in the scale of territorial significance and volumes. After CySec recommendation to withdraw them, and now the largest brokers no longer offers incentives of this kind.

IQ Option Review | Regulation

According to the website, IQ Option Europe Ltd controlled Infofield Premier Ltd (Registration №: HE324593) and Investlab Holdings Ltd (Registration №: HE327751). Since the second company regulated CySEC (license number 247/14), traders can be protected in accordance with the MiFID rules, if they are registered on the platform.

IQ Option Review | Open Trade Network

Platform has launched a detailed structure cryptocurrency exchange based Blok chain. This leads to the sales network as open as OTN. It is built on Ethereum block chain international-type platform.

It is a standalone purse, which is protected by the cipher system. It is necessary for the regulation of conflicts.
The system is used since 2018, and the IQ Option does not collect fees for the project through the ICO. It allows you to create the perfect environment for trade.


IQ Option Review | Countries

IQ is available to many traders from different countries, and support is provided in several languages ​​around the clock. In 2014, the company began to work with 18 countries, redesigned the support system for many large and new customers. In 2017, she reached the level of work with 231 countries. But since trade with IQ is governed by local laws, traders from Canada, the US, Austria cannot open accounts here. At the same time, starting the work, England and Europe can take advantage of all the advantages of the company, and support centers are located in such countries as:

  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • India

Traders in these countries can create and open an account in the IQ Option. The process of registration on the exchange is very simple and fast. It requires only opening demo accounts and mail. In addition, traders make a deposit of only $10, and this is an ideal environment for business development. You can trade at once, starting with the $ 1 per transaction. For beginners, this is a great option, but for experienced traders – the opportunity to test the system from within.

IQ Option Review | Tournaments

On the trading floor in these countries, you can open an account to participate in competitions. To do this, one has to comply with the conditions, but they are very simple. There are reports and leaderboards for each stage. This broker method that encourages trade and transactions by charging income for the total period of tournaments.

They also offer traders to compete with each other, which is a unique opportunity to agitate on the competition. Conditions change in the short term, and if today you are playing by the same rules, for the purity of the transaction, they will change tomorrow. Then it is already possible to go to the Forex market as a stronger stage for masters.

Customers often receive prizes. Their size varies between traders, and not everything depends on the experience and luck. That is, even a beginner can win the prize, which is sponsored by Aston Martin Racing. Workshops also make for all, and the company deserves a lot of attention.

IQ Option Review | Registration

The main page with registration has a clear interface as well as the registration process for full access to the website. All you need is to fill in a simple form, confirm your personal data and you will be provided with some additional information. So a deposit to get access to trading may be created.

All it takes is to have 10 dollars or 10 British pounds Minimum Deposit to start with. It is the smallest deposit ever which cannot be seen by other brokers. Everyone may start to trade having that amount of currency notwithstanding his income level.



IQ Option Review | Conclusion

Now you know why IQ option has become so well known at such short notice. Although the broker is a new player in binary options trading, the approaches it implements are a long way from others. IQ Option gradually but dynamically generates its reputation among traders. The moment is that the broker was recognized The Most Innovative Binary Options Broker at international conference in Moscow Show FX in 2013 is the best proof of that. Choosing the appreciated platform for trading takes so much time and is one of the most difficult things. But now it is no need to hesitate: IQ Option`s platform has an intuitive interface. In addition, the broker has also developed a mobile app that allows you to trade via mobile devices.



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IQ Option Binary Broker Review 2019 updated: February 23, 2019 author: admin


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  15. For all the time with the binary options had already changed a pretty large number of brokers. This I liked more than others – the conditions are excellent, and the platform is really convenient.

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  18. best broker for noobs: free demo + charts

  19. I like this broker because one can develop themselves well with him. For example, if we compare 2014 and now in 2017 it’s two completely different things. Their platform is user-friendly, it’s nice that you can choose which color scheme and look you want, during the day it’s comfortable to trade on a light platform, at night on a dark one. They withdraw the money!

  20. Best platform!!! has good regulation and reputation. highly recommended

  21. For me, a huge advantage of options has always been a low entry barrier and it’s quite low in this company, just $ 10. The remaining advantages can include an extensive range of options, rather quick withdrawal, and of the ability to replenish and withdraw money through the most popular electronic payment systems.

    • I’ve never related to binary options as to something serious, but because forex got dull I decided to try out this one. First I had two weeks of demo and a short training course, then switched to a real account. The real didn’t go so smoothly, must have been the psychology that got in the way and I started making mistakes, but I gathered myself together and was able to make my first 10 bucks, must have been the training, that I got here had started showing its result. At first I couldn’t find my asset, since there are so many of them here, everything from stocks to regular currencies, many have high profitability. I finally chose euro and pound, they’re afterall the most volatile and are great for trading on short TF. In a nutshell, I got pulled into these binaries, I don’t trade on forex now hardly ever, spend all my time on BO. For me personally it’s easier to make $100 here than it is on forex.

  22. Wow for me best broker ever seen demo account totally free u can practice practice practice u can renew demo that is the biggest advantage with IQ OPTIONS I love this broker so much I founded my account with 100 usd. I’m fit ready to make profit. When I was using demo account I learned many strategies I believe evryweek I will double my account balance . IQ OPTIONS is regulated trust me if u want binaryoptions broker IQ OPTIONS Is the best broker for you.

  23. i was trading with them since December, no problems with withdrawals ~5000USD

  24. I like their platform and payouts. Still I would be very careful as I kinda sense with their tech they have some quality risk management capabilities = they can PHUCK you on trades with ease.

  25. IQ Option is the best trading company In the world. I love It.

  26. I don’t trust this broker. They seem to manipulate prices.

  27. They are excellent. I have been using them for 5 months. The execution times, charting software that comes free, the demo account also free, the personal manager you get once VIP, the high returns on investments, the mobile software, the ability to sell a trade before the expiry both ITM and OTM, the fast withdrawal times. Everything is great and I have no complaints. The only thing I would say is it would be nice to have higher trade size limits for those who want to risk more and a choice of expiry times from the moment a trade has been executed rather than set expiry times. 10/10!

    • Hi Jay
      You seem to be one of the few giving good opinion about IQ Option. I so wanna trade with them but its scary to look at the other comments
      You sure about these guys? They are many good reviews in other sites followed by bad ones. You have withdrawn any profits?
      My email is kuhan_nagaratnam@yahoo.com. Would appreciate any feedback buddy

      • Hi Kuhan,
        I think every broker has its advantages and disadvantages. I feel that IQ Option do pretty well out outweighs the negatives. So far I wouldn’t call it “profit” as I’m still learning but I have been able to make £500+ in a day from £40 and all withdrawals take 2-4 working days. I would highly recommend IQ Option ?

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