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New CFDs on IQ Option: Forex, Cryptocurrencies and Stocks. How to trade CFDs?

How to trade CFDs?

Trader, who work with the IQ Option platform, can conduct trades through shares of world’s corporative corporations using CFDs. This abbreviation stands for «contract for difference». By buying it, the trader invests his money in the development of the company. He can predict fluctuations relative to other companies in the market. If the cost varies, and for going in the right direction, its profits will be 30%. Otherwise, part of the deposit will be lost.

CFDs – this is a good option for the treatment of shares in profit, trade takes place with the problems and consequences, but they can be avoided by introducing options that will protect the operation of the various force majeure. Stockbrokers do not allow in the choice of instruments for investment campaign. Therefore, when working with IQ Option you get the opportunity to trade currencies, cryptocurrency, options. And all this is achieved in a single platform, which is marked as a more profitable and comfortable.

To buy a CFD, follow these steps:

  • Press the function to open a new asset at the top of the screen and select CFD. It will be available in the list of items. Then label the company you want to trade. View the price chart using the available technical monitoring tools. Consider the major factors when observing. Only then Moen choose the direction of the trend, then you will need to predict subsequent changes in behavior in the near future.

To buy a CFD

  • Set a limit of Finance. Keep in mind that you invest this amount of money, and if you have one, you will not be put at stake all the money. This is the law of conservation investments in the modern world and the contributions of trading.
  • Select factor (x3, x5 or x10) and expose the automatic closing. It will increase the potential profit, but the risk too. When you open a transaction at a cost of $100 with a multiplier of x5, you get a figure of $500 for investment. This rule applies to losses, too. Automatic closing allows you to immediately close the deal in order to reduce losses to a minimum and to protect the contribution of the losses.

Select factor (x3, x5 or x10)

  • Further, depending on the forecast, you need to choose a position to buy or sell, and when the time comes, close the deal. The higher the difference between the opening price and the current rate (if the forecast was correct), the higher the potential profit. It should be noted that the transaction will be taxed in the night. If it is open for a long time, the tax may be higher.

Trade CFD can someone seem easy, because a small number of variables are involved. But it is difficult, on the other hand, when it comes to the time required for settling skills. Learn to understand the trade and use of tools for campaigning – a new way to success.

Trade stock CFDs here

General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose. 

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