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Finmax is CFD brokers and binary options

Finmax Review 2018

Finmax is CFD brokers and binary options, which have long been working on the trade market. This is enough to arouse the interest of users, and we also decided to check out their website to make a review and understand what is happening there. It turned out wasted time spent was not, and we were able to discuss with the traders and the administration, and we got a lot of useful information. We believe you will be interested to learn something entertaining.

The broker offers different account types so as to meet the expectations of all traders. The minimum deposit with is $10.

Here are some key features of Finmax trading platform:

  • it offers bonuses that can reach up to 100%, upon on the account type. For example, with the minimum deposit you can claim a 25% bonus. However, make sure to read the bonus conditions first;
  • the broker offers personal analysts and managers;
  • full access to training materials and webinars to traders who registered Silver account type and up;
  • access to trading signals starting with the Silver account type;
  • risk-free trade feature.

A trader who opens an account with FinMax has the possibility to make one risk-free trade of up to $1000. If the trading position went out of money and the trader’s goals have not been materialized, the funds will be returned to the deposit.

Morris Processing LTD 14 Tsar Osvoboditel blvd. Sofia 1000, Bulga
Tel: United Kingdom, London, Phone: +44 (203) 868-57-58
 Broker FinMax
 Founded  2015
 Regulated IFMRRC
 SupportTypes support
 Languages English, Russian, German, French, Espanol, Italian, Polski
 Trading Platform TradeSmarter
 Minimum 1st Deposit $10
 Minimum Trade Amount $1
 Payout 75-90%
 Number of Assets 75
 Trading instruments FX/CFD, High/Low and Above/Below
 Account Currency EUR, GBP, USD
 Free Demo Account yes
 Mobile Platform yes
 Trading signals yes
 Analytics yes
 Us Trades Allowed no

Finmax Review | Account Types

On binary options broker has four different accounts. They are safe for traders of any format. Here are kindly requested to examine working conditions and to understand how the logical standard Finmax account. There are bronze accounts, and deposit must be recharged for 250 dollars. This is normal, not thousands of dollars, and everyone can invest in such prospects. Then puts your account manager who will help deal with the broker.

You have to go through training, create an economic calendar, and start choosing strategies. This site will help build their capabilities and teach all binary trading. Next you need to confirm your account registration and notify your leader about it. The next step – a withdrawal. Here you are given 2 days to get your money. Attend webinars and see useful lessons. Every month you can check out the new video different materials. If you want to get a 25% bonus, then you need to update your account to $1,000. And you will get the status of gold account. And on each transaction you will win 2% on your deposit.


Also, you can choose the path of investment, if your account is 5000 dollars. As a result, Finmax account will be converted to the status of a platinum VIP account. This will allow you to receive 4% of each transaction. And you will become available VIP webinars, and only get better. Your income will constantly increase, and if you become the owner of 25000 dollars, then immediately receive a package of permanent status. As you can see, you have everything you need to work, and CFD options will be your assistant in this. It does not matter what your account is, you replenish the deposit and you can already claim the status of the customer.

Finmax| Account Types

Finmax Review | Deposit

Okay, we understand with what you can open an account. But as for the deposit, a closer look at this point. Finmax deposit is replenished in many ways. You can make a bank transfer, fund your account with Visa cards, Visa Electron, Maestro and MasterCard, to use Qiwi, Neteller, Skrill, WebMoney and Yandex. Well, we continue.

The minimum deposit is $ 10, and it can be increased, but not reduced. But each transaction starts at $ 1, no more and no less. This means that you can start bidding with a minimum bet. Do not worry about the deposit account at all, it’s a very reliable broker. By the way, during the transfer of money, the banking system will ask you to register for withdrawal or replenishment of the account. All deposit accounts are immediately updated in the account and are available for display. Here you receive a notice. Tell me, is it worth worrying about such a reliable system?

Finmax Deposit

Finmax Review | Bonus

The company’s bonus policy in the broker is very impressive. It provides many prizes for traders. First, you can take risks when trading zero. This will be the first trading platform, and you can go through all the stages of training here. The deal can go for $ 1000, but you need to invest. You get money back to your account to again be able to start trading. Also, you get a registration bonus, and it is charged if the account is confirmed. The bronze prize is 25%, and you win all 100% at the end of the deal, and the VIP account gets 25% every time after the transaction, if it is successful. At the same time, you can become a VIP trader after receiving 25% of the transaction into the account at the first auction, having a different account type.


If you have returned to the account of the money a total of 40 times, you can become successful, and get more bonuses. This is a standard requirement in the trade industry. You still use the resources for trade, so do not worry. Finmax does not prohibit to continue trading in the past status. He gives more than you think!

Finmax Bonus

Finmax Review | Trading Platform

As we have said, the financial broker services are very diverse, and they lead to the two types of trade. All this is a binary CFD option. There still is software that is called Tradesmarter. It works well, but it is not enough among brokers. There are two types of contacts – one high/low/very low. Recently, similar to the first, the only difference in the installation level. The price will vary from six months to six seconds. And that brings 90% of total earnings. You can then select the assets for trading, stocks, indices and currency pairs.

Finmax accept currency in Russian rubles, which indicates the orientation of the Russian market and the CIS countries. We also accept dollars and euros. However, entering the platform, you need to remember about the competition – here transactions take place quickly on the dollar. Finmax Social Radar is designed for monitoring of social commerce. It keeps track of the best traders that are on the market. In other words, you get the signals on the economic calendar, if there is a deal faster your, and bidding ends. This advanced graphics, signals, alerts and different analyzes and studies. All features will be available at the start of trading. But more about that you can read in the next part of our review.

Finmax Trading Platform

Finmax Review | Mobile App

All financial services platform offers online. That’s why the service offers the use of mobile offer. It can be installed from the market, depending on your OS. After downloading, you need to enter your login and password to get into your account. Also, all financial functions and services are preserved. You can also install the program with Leverate service. They offer 24/7 support. To start trading, you need to have on balance 10 dollars. Of course, this is slightly different, but here there is the same calendar, notifications and full necessary equipment, as in the PC version.

It seems that many traders prefer here because mobile commerce is very beneficial. This makes it possible to stay abreast of changes. If you want to learn more about the mobile version, so stay tuned! We will continue to consider the risks of the system for the application.Finmax Mobile App

Finmax Review | Demo Account

Each broker wants to know how the platform works. Therefore, we offer without attachments learn what features they provide. There is a demo account, which allows you to check out all the nuances of the trade. He gives free trial version, which can be a little to trade, to look inside how the system works. Then you can have, as a full participant in the system, use the materials for trade, webinars and information guides. You will reach a profit, if you carefully choose the all the priorities.


Finmax Review | Withdrawal

After you have done everything, you can continue to withdraw funds from the platform. Remember, before the withdrawal you need to confirm the account, and only then indicate your data to confirm the identity. Next you can use passport data, utility bills, and payments with your data. Where you have your names, you can apply to verify your account. To cancel the action you need to pay 25 or 50 dollars. This is a low price, but you can then choose the type of withdrawal that suits you best. Bank transfer in comparison with other services, gives more opportunities. Manage accounts through the bank and card is much more convenient.

The commission will be charged depending on the type of account. The Finmaxwithdrawal system will take 0.9% to 3.5% for $25, but much depends on the type of card and wallet. If you are a holder of a gold account, you will not be charged. Platinum account is completely free of interest, and transactions are conducted within 24 hours. To some participants of the system, he offers chic possibilities, but more about this in more detail.

Finmax Review | Other Interesting Features

Trading online will help you learn a few additional features in this industry. If you have an Islamic account open, you can contact support to log in. Sometimes it is blocked, and your communication with the administration is very necessary. Also in the future you will be able to return to trading. Also, after the withdrawal of funds from you will be charged $25 for each month. This is an account service, but trading with the platform does not end. It is not published, but a zero account can be opened in Singapore, France, Israel, Canada and not only. Until the money is finally withdrawn even after a few months or years, you will be considered a teacher of the system. If you have any other questions, you can find answers to them from the support team.

Finmax Review | Education video

The FinMax experts have developed a special training program. It includes: educational video lessons, regular webinars, Glossary with terms of exchange trade, e-books, and more. The company’s clients at any time have the access to managers and analysts who will help solve emerging issues.

Finmax Education video

Finmax Review | Social trading

Finmax Social trading

Finmax Review | CFD Trading

Finmax CFD Trading

Finmax Review | Support And Contact

Reliable team is always good, because they can help the trader in solving problems. This will simplify the work, if someone is standing beside, and will simplify the perception of information. Team support this platform is made up of experienced and reliable management, which will help even the masters of their craft and trade. They will be notified about all aspects of the work of the website, always responds to decision-making and your questions. It solves the problem of quickly and all at once become simple and clear.


From the list of available contacts there are phone numbers for countries such as Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, Australia, England and Italy. You can contact the support team from these zones, and immediately get a support and answer. Also social networks are supported, including Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, and the broker also has its own YouTube channel, which means that you can easily contact them on any of these sites. We can also include the office section (from 8:00 to 20:00, GMT + 3). But is there any side of the site where problems can arise? We will discuss this in more detail below.

Finmax Support And Contact

Finmax Review | Complaints

Are there any complaints from this broker and whether to write them? Are there any nuances, because of which can give a complaint? It is worth to know more about it, and you will understand how to deal with it, and how not to get into trouble. The platform is a quick and simple equipment. Support for a good, efficient payout system, and easy interface. There is a mobile application and convenient functionality, a pyramid for payments and a short time for processing information about the replenishment of the account. The company offers bonuses and interest-free deals, strategies and mas of positive options. So are there any negative sides to worry about? There are complaints, but they are not entirely negative, rather, they are tips for improving work, advice and recommendations. Many traders are very happy with all the services of a broker, which cannot be noted in the review. There are demo accounts here, which can cause both good and bad emotions. But without any way, because they support business, and beginners can make a fortune.

Finmax Review | Conclusion

So, if we talk about the conclusions, then we can say – the broker is reliable, he has strengthened his reputation and can claim the title of the best. There are commissions and there are transactions without it, there are levels and statuses of clients, of course, a trader wants to receive bonuses for his deposits, otherwise why would he make thousands of dollars if newcomers can use the same conditions. In this and the distinguishing feature of the broker. Although many also offer similar systems of work. But everywhere, and here too, there is a bonus system, there is constant support. Do not say that this is the best of the best, but it’s worth your attention.

You can mark the excellent attitude of traders of all levels, and a note of the positive aspects. There’s a ruble purses, and can be displayed and to replenish deposits not only in dollars. This extends the range of traders and outlook for the broker. It is more beneficial, as it increases the chances of completion of deposits from other countries. However, the US cannot use a broker as Russia, but there are other recommendations and restrictions. It is necessary to respect a system that provides for all the favorable conditions for transactions.




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Finmax is CFD brokers and binary options updated: February 23, 2019 author: admin


  1. It’s quite a good company Finmax, as for me. In the process of working no problems – everything works fine. I was pleased with this company.

  2. It is quite a normal Broker Finmax, as for me. Everything is working fine, and I was satisfied with the level of support service. The question was solved quite quickly, everything is fine.

  3. In my opinion, from modern companies one of the best brokers is Finmax for work. It’s really easy to work with, and with interest everything is fine.

  4. As for me, one of the most adequate brokers is Finmax. Due to a small amount of deposit and high interest income is really good – I’m happy.

  5. I believe that Finmax is an excellent company. In general, I work in this industry relatively recently, but I was able to earn very good money. The results are quite satisfactory.

  6. I consider the Finmax broker a great opportunity for earning. Working with him is really convenient, the profit is not bad. In principle, I am quite satisfied with the results of the work.

  7. Carol Rodriguez

    I had to leave this post here as a sign of gratitude since that,is
    one of the least he asked of me. From my calculations, I made $5,200
    in 1 week trading..since Mr Watts Gerald started managing my account,I haven’t experienced any regrets in continuing binary options trading, though i lost a lot when I started as a newbie.but since i met him i have always been smiling, i feel so much joy each time i log in daily to see my trade records and balance..he is indeed a good expert, .experience this for your self , action speaks louder feel free to ask me more or contact Watts Gerald via


  8. Ive been using demo account on finmax during a week. Nice platform, good desighn. Obvious and understandable functionality. Now im ready to put some real money and start to trade adult-way ).

  9. Friendly broker. Their supports are enthusiastic and proficient. Vote for such a decent attitude of a binary options company like this.

    • I deposited $350 on Finmax and haven’t added more ever since. Got great profits by using the free trading signals alone.

  10. Cool site. Regular webinars, a lot of opportunities for analysis, generous bonuses. Moreover, this is not a lure of customers in the first days of the broker’s work – Finmax has been working like this for about two years already.

  11. Been trading here for nearly 2 years. This broker service is very good, never face any difficulties trading or withdrawing. Cash-out orders are always processed in less than 2 days without any troubles. Highly suggest trading at Finmax.

  12. Allison wicks

    When I got scammed by my binary option broker last year, I was suicidal after several failed attempts of call back. Till I was referred to geminihacks (dot) (com) get my money back, they was able to recover a total of 120k I lost last year to Glenridge capital, they are the best and I advise there contact if your in need of a full recovery.

  13. chrishart6501atgmaildotcom

    I got ripped off by a scam broker recently, stoxmarket. I had to hire a refund professional to recover my funds. Glad I’m out of this mess, happy to share my thoughts. Traders avoid this broker.

  14. I opened a demo account with this broker. Trade is going calmly. The quotes aren’t written. Good payment percentage. But I wonr’t judge the broker by it’s demo account, too early for that. I’ll try to refill the real account, will trade, will try to withdraw and if all goes well, or if otherwise things don’t go so well, I’ll let you know.

  15. Truly safe and innovate platform. I’ve chosen Finmax as my primary broker half a year ago and never regret abuot that.

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