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Digital Option Tactics: Punches Use for Your Benefit

Digital Options Trading Tactics

Digital options IQ Option system provides customizable unusual feature of risk / benefit. These capabilities are based on a pyramid-style trade when you need to use apron`s earnings. Each option has a few key points. Thi equipment for work allows traders to increase and maintain the transaction so that they could then duplicate the sequence of actions. Standard and binary parameters cannot be repeated. A function application is fully simply put into practice.

At the time of the application of digital options traders need to find out for yourself which of the three solutions they use – to attract, impact and dealing with money. In the case of capital increase it will be advisable. On the financial functions of the transaction are provided in relation to the assets and their value, and in theory, you get a 50% probability that profits will be yours. The greater the risk, the higher the rate.

Also, strikes, applicable to the exposure of transactions, less risky, because the price is known in advance, and the game is on the increase rate of assets. The main thing is that the cost does not fall to the completion of the transaction and was stable in the course of action options. Strikes, which are out of financial transactions, are more risky, since they require the movement cost to cover the costs.

Unfortunately, the problem for binary options options is that OTM (out of the money) strikes are too risky, especially when it comes to short-term transactions during the expiry. It is much more likely that the option will be closed. OTM is needed for the end of ITM (in the money), but this will lead to loss of the trader.

Impact through OTM strike (more risk to the trader, greater payout)

In such cases, technical analysis is needed. It is a scientific justification on the basis of observation and monitoring of data, measurement and comparison of the financial markets. Technical tools in the form of support, resistance, pulse and calibrating volatility indicators, and others, are used to determine exit points and entry based on past data and future projections. Some of them determine the «strong performance» and identify «weaknesses».

Due to the presence of this type of trader you need to soberly assess their performance in three categories: weak, medium, strong. Weak indicator should be used in conjunction with ITM strikes, because they point to the movement. The use of strikes already allows increasing the odds of winning, though insignificant.

For normal data used ATM (at the money strikes) option with reasonable certainty. OTM strike. It’s a different type of performance indicators and parameters, which suggests a strong fast moving, and points to the possibility of obtaining large profits. These functions can be used without hesitation.

So, what can a strong signal compared with the weak? This is what I call the convergence indicators. This is the only indicator that clarifies how small or large the degree of market entry, but the trade takes place in the one-sided version.

EUR/USD indicators

EUR USD indicators

For example, consider stochastic bullish crossover. This bullish incoming signal on the input, but it is much more powerful than the notification of the MACD confirmation or penetrated by value. An even more detailed description can be done by including the third signal, the fourth, which confirms the input.

Schedule of price movement EUR/USD

Schedule of price movement EUR USD
When one tool confirms the activation, it is a weak indication. If the input is confirmed by two or more signals, it may be considered «normal» but when activated 3 or 4 entry points, a strong signal that indicates the use of OTM strike prices. Weak signals can be used ITM strikes, but only to increase profit rates by reducing the amount. Strong signals, indicators konvergatsiya may apply for larger OTM strikes impact by reducing profit rates.

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General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose. 

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