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Cryptocurrency trading on the Binomo platform

Today, cryptocurrencies are among the most popular and highly profitable investment tools. However, you can use this type of asset to earn not only through the direct purchase of electronic coins, but also by trading on the financial markets, which expands the scope of crypto coins as both a means of payment and a financial asset for profiting. In this material, we will consider the method of earning on crypto assets through binary options trading, where we will provide a detailed overview of the services and technical tools offered for this purpose by the professional futures contract operator Binomo. There you will receive recommendations for improving the efficiency of your trading operations and you’ll get information about auxiliary resources for trading offered by the company.

What are electronic options?

Binary contracts or options are a form of exchange contract that are adapted for the private trader to generate income. In this case, the investor is asked to determine the future price movement direction of a certain financial asset in order to get a successful trade. Simply put, the investor must make a bet on a particular result in order to profit:

What are electronic options?

In addition to the direction of the market, the investor needs to set the time period for the trade on the financial market – if the two specified parameters coincide, that is, the price moves in the direction of the trader’s forecast and in the validity period of the forecast, the trader receives a profitable contract with a yield of up to 90%.

In this way, online investors are offered a relatively simple and very profitable tool for trading on any financial asset.

Options trading on the Binomo platform

In fact, the Bimono operator on the futures market is the largest and most famous company that offers this type of service on the internet. This operator has long established itself as a reliable partner for trading binary contracts. Given the client-oriented policy of the company, the operator could not ignore such an innovative trend as cryptocurrencies and was one of the first to offer this type of asset for options trading.

We suggest analyzing the functionality of the Binomo platform, which, no doubt, will help you achieve the best possible financial results from trading on cryptocurrencies:

  • Good choice of assets

In addition to the standard set of electronic coins that can be used in binary trading, there is also a completely exclusive tool offered here – the crypto index (CRYPTO IDX).

Options trading on the Binomo platform

It’s an asset that shows the price of a basket of the main electronic coins. The advantages of this tool are more stable price quotes, the relatively high volatility of the service, and the reliability of trends, which makes it possible to achieve stable trading results.

The relatively diverse choice of assets offered by the company allows traders to form high-yielding investment portfolios in which the risks are maximally diversified – this greatly increases the amount of potential profit when trading on the options market.

  • Analysis tools

The Binomo operator’s platform is currently one of the most functional in terms of instrumentation for technical analysis of the market. Here, traders get the opportunity to use the widest choice of indicator resources, as well as chart type tools, the list of which includes both simple services in the form of lines and different figures, as well as semi-automatic tools for the formation and identification on the chart of patterns of quote movement.

Analysis tools
Such a diverse set of tools and resources for the analysis of trading quotes makes it possible for traders on the Binomo platform to create a huge number of their own trading strategies, as well as to take advantage of the proven and workable market valuation systems developed by recognized experts and financial analysts. It is the technical functionality on the operator’s terminal that is the main advantage of the company and what allows the broker’s trader partners to achieve higher trading results: on average, investors note a 25-30% increase in trade profitability on cryptocurrencies on the company’s service, which is a very high figure.

  • Auxiliary informational resources

To maximize the profitability of trading, the Binomo operator offers its clients the largest possible selection of auxiliary and informational services. You will be able to take advantage of the following:

– Training of a professional level, built on high-tech forms of information provision. This training format reduces the time for a trader to become a market professional and makes it possible to quickly start making a profit

– Analytics offered on assets which are the most interesting in terms of obtaining the best possible trading results – the operator is currently paying the most attention to cryptocurrency assets

– A collection of strategies which includes a large selection of the most universal and efficient systems

– Financial market news – this allows you to get information about general trends on the cryptocurrency market and adjust your trading strategy in relation to news concerning cryptocurrency assets


Cryptocurrency trading on the Binomo platform, thanks to its technical functionality, is currently the most profitable mode of making a profit on the electronic assets market. You are offered all the necessary tools and services to help you most effectively earn a big profit!




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