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Classic Options: Unleashing the Profitability

IQ Option with proudness is reveling the newest tool — the Classic Options. We combined the unlimited profitability of the stock market with the simplicity of the platform that’s already well-known to you. The result of our experiment is perfect combo! Let’s check what we’ve done!

IQ Option Classic Options

Our company has always followed the mission to provide convenient conditions for trading with binary options. Nevertheless, we felt that it’s not enough. We always wanted our traders to earn more on our platform. So we decided to direct efforts of our team on:

  • giving the traders more control over the risks
  • expansion of assets portfolio that we already have

To realize set goals we conducted researches. We closely followed the behavior of the users for months, making corrections in the development process upon our observations and finally created an instrument that allow traders to check all of those boxes.

What are Classic Options IQ?

While creating the Classic options we took the inspiration from the American stock options, which is traded both in the USA, this becomes clear from its title.

The base for these options is stock prices of top 500 performing US companies. This list includes the worldwide known names, such as:

  • Apple
  • McDonalds
  • Starbucks
  • Netflix and many others

The principle of operation of Classic options is a lot similar to binary options: the trader choose the stock and make a forecast on whether its price is going to move up or down.

But between these 2 tools exists 1 core difference that make the Classical Options more profitable. Let’s understand what it is. When you are trading with Binary Options, the profit you can receive from 1 deal is limited. But Classical Options review shows that you can get virtually limitless profit. It works as follows: you make a bid on direction of the price and profitability is increasing as long as it’s moving in the selected direction.

How does it work?

First about the main, before you start trading: the amount of your investments is determined by the size of the contract. Other stock option brokers don’t allow contracts for less than 100 units, but with Classical Options you choose the number of options you want to trade. You can even purchase a single option and it can be equal to 0,06$. Each option price is based on a couple of criterias, such as:

  • the volatility
  • the time left until expiration
  • the strike price
  • the best market price

*Strike Price it’s the level of price that trader is expecting for the asset to reach before the expiration of the contract.

You can have as many as 5 price options on choice, depending on the asset.

How to trade Classic Options

The bidding system is structured as follows: while the market is close to a strike price, the option will be higher, but with further market moves from it – the contract will be cheaper. Let’s say it in easy way: your risks is proportional to the contract price. When the strike price is low – your investments are in relative safeness. But when you are playing on the small, you cannot win on a large. So in this case your profit won’t grow so fast.

Moreover, the main point of Classical options is that you can lose limited amount, the money that you’ve invested, but the profit can be limitless. From minimal starting money you can raise imposing capital with Classical options strategy. As long as the price will be moving in direction that you have chosen, the more profit you will gain until the expiration of contract.

We provide this revolutionary trading tool only for the next 3 months WITHOUT COMMISION.

Try Classiс Options

General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose. 

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