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BinaryOptionsRobot.com Software Review

When it comes to binary options trading, one of the most important things traders need to take into account is the validity and security of the trading software they are using. BinaryOptionsRobot.com offers a multitude of different elements and tools to help you achieve your financial trading goals. This software is truly a combination of ingenuity and practicality.

BinaryOptionsRobot.com is perfect for all those traders that are still at the beginning of their binary trading journey. With its customizable presets BinaryOptionsRobot.com offers so much potential for your trading plans.

BinaryOptionsRobot.com is a completely free trading software that does not require any payments or additional charges. Everything is available right from the start, including the famous VIP account that offers everything you might need to skyrocket your earning potential, and more.

Read the rest of this review to find out why we think that BinaryOptionsRobot.com rightfully deserves the title of the best binary options trading software.

BinaryOptionsRobot.com Software overview

The first thing that we need to highlight for this review is the fact that this amazing software is 100% free. That means that all deposits and withdrawals will go through your chosen, trusted broker. BinaryOptionsRobot.com does not process any payments.

BinaryOptionsRobo com VIP Account

How does this software work? This Robot is designed to use mathematical algorithms that pull all the necessary data that will help you make the best possible prediction for your trade.

Based on the information found, a binary signal will appear on your screen. Signals tell the traders when there is a possibly profitable trade found, which then they can accept or decline.

With binary signals, traders are protected from unauthorized trades because all trades need to be confirmed. This feature is called Auto Trade Approval and it is extremely helpful to keep complete control over your binary options trading.

Traders are able to access their BinaryOptionsRobot.com account from all android based smartphone devices and there is also a desktop version. Everything is accessible with a single account including various brokers of your choice. Traders can approve trades only if they are online which protects your investments from an unexpected loss.

How to Navigate BinaryOptionsRobot.com Dashboard?

Opening an account with BinaryOptionsRobot.com is an easy, streamlined process that requires no more than a few minutes of your time. After the activation of your account, the Robot will suggest the best broker available for your area. Afterward, you can also choose a broker from the provided list of legit brokers, which rids you of the need to research brokers on your own. You are welcome to choose as many brokers as you might want, and your access to them will go from one single BinaryOptionsRobot.com account.

How to Navigate BinaryOptionsRobot com Dashboard

It’s important to keep your Active Trading feature turned on if you want to be able to approve trades. Apart from that, you are given the opportunity to access Trading History where you can find all available information on your previous trades.

If you want to further customize your investment strategy for binary options, you’re in luck! BinaryOptionsRobot.com offers 3 important features that will help you enormously in amplifying your binary trading profit opportunities. Those features are Max Daily Trades, Trading Amount, and Daily Stop Loss.

Max Daily Trades, as the name suggests, enable you to choose the number of your daily trades. Trading Amount defines the amount of your individual trade while Daily Stop Loss sets your spending limit on a day to day basis.

BinaryOptionsRobot.com VIP Account

After registering and choosing your broker from the provided Robot’s list, traders will need to make their first deposit in order to start trading. After that, you are only a click away from your free VIP account on BinaryOptionsRobot.com.

BinaryOptionsRobo.com Software overview

Your free VIP status will last for exactly one month, but don’t worry – it is very easy to prolong it! When your one month of VIP status expires, all you need to do is make a new deposit and Customer service will prolong your benefits for extra 3 months. The usual minimum deposit is $250 but take into account that this figure varies among brokers.

It is recommended that traders take advantage of their VIP features in order to expand their opportunities for profit. Those features are designed to give you a head start in the binary trading industry. Expiry Times, Risk Level and 5 Trading Strategies are at your disposal to use as efficiently as possible. All the features can be combined for additional customization and endless possibilities.

Trading Strategies is an especially interesting feature we researched during this review. Wise Growth Strategy, Perfect Pitch Method, High Yield Systems, Capital Gain Cue and Order Flow function as complete strategies that traders use according to their preferences.

The 5 strategies are made to uplift your winning chances by using trading algorithms that are able to predict the asset movement based on market fluctuations. Traders need to make sure to keep at least one of the offered strategies active in order to place trades.

Which Assets does BinaryOptionsRobot.com offer?

Underlying assets are the foundation of binary options trading and with BinaryOptionsRobot.com there are over 50 to choose from. Make sure that the assets of your choice are known to you and you feel good with your assessment of them.

Underlying assets are divided into three categories: commodities, currency pairs, and stocks. With that amount of choice, you can be sure that your binary trading path will be fruitful and with high-profit chances.

You are also free to combine activated assets by a simple click. This way traders are given the opportunity to make the most out of their trading by minimizing the risks of loss.

BinaryOptionsRobot.com Customer support

We are glad we can finish this review with a positive experience with Customer Support. The team is very attentive to any request traders might have. BinaryOptionsRobot.com Customer Support offers two modes of contacting their agents: Live Chat and Contact form.

Making of this review has been a very positive experience. We hope that it will offer valuable information to novice traders who are still finding their financial and trading strategies. More experienced, mature traders can also benefit from information found in this review and especially from the multitude of trading tools available on BinaryOptionsRobot.com.

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