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How to learn binary options trading in an easy way

Very often we hear such an expression “easy binary options”, that it’s easy and simple to trade with it and it’s a great way to quick and easy money. But if the information is correct? Let’s face it.

Operating principle

The most shortest & easy way to learn binary is to have a look at training courses & to practice in demo account. At first glance, the work with the binary options is really simple:

  • you need to choose one asset, such as currency pair and predict whether it will rise or fall in price;
  • next is the forecast for the selected direction. Please select the amount that the trader is willing to put the – usually $ 5. In rare cases, from 1 dollar. Then select the required period, after which the position will be closed, usually a minute;
  • the final touch – a click on the chosen direction and make a prediction. If by the time the option is closed, the price, and the truth will move in this direction, the trader will make a profit, usually more than 75%. But if it moves in the other direction – the amount will be lost.

Trading options is possible only through a broker company. It provides access to a special program – trading platform, which is available as a web-based platform, or as a program for the PC or mobile device. State of the art trading platform at the moment – IQ Option. Broker IQ Option has created all conditions for beginners – a free demo account, education system, 24/7 customer service and a unique trading platform that meets the highest industry standards. It is very nice to trade. It looks like this:

iq option

Broker IQ Option received CySEC license and submitted to the FCA Register – the two most reputable binary options market regulator.


Despite the fact that the options seem very simple, get income from stock options can not please everyone. After all, to remain in positive territory, required to benefit from more than half of the bets, and to achieve this, guessing, is almost impossible. As a result, the people who came to trade binary options in a firm confidence in the earnings ease, simply lose their money.

Drinking this kind of trade, as a game in the casino, may lead to catastrophic consequences. First of all, we must bear in mind that binary options – this job is often difficult and tedious, but is able to generate a good income. And it requires a responsible approach.

Work and earn

What is required for the earnings on options? We must take seriously the work and, before embarking on a transaction, the specifics of the market, the terminology and the opinion of analysts on the possible price changes. To trade is better to choose one or a few assets that most predictably behave. It is important to study well and platform. In order to get enough information, not necessarily to take courses – you can find all the information on the site

A prerequisite for normal work with binary options is the lack of excitement and impulsive decisions. The ability to remain calm when winning. And, more importantly, at a loss – the inherent quality of any successful trader.

When trading options you should try to take into account the risk and never risk more than necessary.


We can say that easy binary trading options is quite friendly, it’s a simplified mechanism for trading on the stock exchange. However, it is not necessary to integrate the concept of “trade” and “earn” as to make binary options is not easy. But, nevertheless, the binary trade can bring good income trader when to take them seriously. IQ Option Binary Broker Review.

Go to IQ Option

General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose. 

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