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Binary.com Review

Binary.com Review

Binary.com is a broker from Malaysia, and their company has been part of a large industry since 1999. They got a lot of recognition and experience, and now you can hear them, as experts in the field of tools for doing business. These guys only move forward, creating new niches for work platforms and options for options. They are directly connected with the financial requirements, guaranteeing you the appropriate site for conducting trading operations.

To prove this fact, we created a series of test variations, showed the result of the research and gave explanations below about every detail of such a site as Binary.com

Therefore, if you want to know all about the company and figure out how they achieved success, read on!

binary. com logoWebsite: www.binary.com
Binary (Europe) Ltd & Binary Investments (Europe) Ltd, Mompalao Building, Suite 2, Tower Road, Msida MSD1825.  Telephone: +44 (0) 1666 800042
0800 011 9847 (Toll Free)
 Broker Binary.com
 Founded  1999
 Regulated Licensed and regulated in Malta, the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man, Ireland, and Japan
 SupportTypes support
 Languages English, Indonesian, Japanese, Chinese, Polish, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, and Thai
 Trading Platform Binary.com, Binary Tick Trade App,  Binary WebtraderBinary Next-Gen, Binary Bot, TradingView for Binary.com
 Minimum 1st Deposit $5
 Minimum Trade Amount $0,5
 Payout 80-100%
 Number of Assets 173
 Bonus Exclusive $20 Free
 Option Types Rise/Fall (standard High/Low), Higher/Lower (similar to One Touch), Touch/No Touch, In/Out (Range), Asian contracts
 Account Currency USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, RUB
 Free Demo Account yes
 Mobile Platform yes
 Education and Strategy yes
 Automatic trading yes
 Us Trades Allowed no

Binary.com | Trading Platforms and Applications

When you log into the system with your login and password, you can already trade with this broker. You can choose different platforms that are offered. For example, Binary.com has a nice interface and a prototype, and through it you can perform any operations. Everything is there for trade – schedules, convenient tools for testing the financial procedures. Payments can be up to 50 000 dollars. The Commission, which can be won on each trade may vary, and if payments exceed 90% of the amount, it almost disappears and the drop to a minimum. Other platform – it binary web trader, which provides an overview of the market. You can get more information if you are considered a professional trader. It is worth noting that both platforms have mobile applications tailored for different operating systems. Binary.com Applications (Binary Tick Trade and Binary Next-Gen) is available for download in a free format, and does not need to download a separate installation packages and adapt images for Android and iOS. This is the ideal solution for those who cannot always be at your PC.

Binary comTrading Platforms

Trading Platforms

Of course, you can use the trial version Binary.com, to get used to the adapted design. You may notice that there are a lot of options trading tools and strategies variations. In fact, there are concentrated all the details that are needed to work with the platform and the platform. In this section, we tell about the full review Binary.com, if you want to know all its main advantages.


Binary.com Review | Robot

Binary.com has a robot that operates in a binary system. In fact, you as a user, create a platform inside the robot for the system created from scratch, and use a wide range of tools, variables and indicators. The whole set is available on Binary.com. A Binary Bot – is a puzzle, which is implementing a process of development in your robot system. All processes look like a range of possibilities, and they interact with each other. This, of course, an interesting process to build a robot, but a more dramatic effect can be noted when choosing a broker, which will adapt to the brokerage system. In Binary.com store you can find your favorite broker with a full platform, and get the income on which you have long dreamed of. In the market there are many options. What you create will bring you profit, and its application can receive a deduction again.


Binary.com | Deposits and Withdrawal of Funds

When we talked about options and methods of payment, we had in mind the best service Binary.com. And we’re not kidding, it really is ideal for you. He has a variety of methods for cashing funds. For example, in its assortment there are more than 17 ways of transferring finance to your personal accounts and vice versa. It has existed for more than 15 years, but now the service is improved. You can link your account with Western Union and transfer money through it. It is also possible to link an account with online banking Skrill, Neteller, Qiwi, WebMoney or MasterCard, Visa and UnionPay cards.

As for the limits, Binary.com sets it at $5. Yes, only this figure can appear in your wallet, and they can be transferred to different accounts. Also, money can be expressed in the currency of USD, AUD, EUR and GBP. All accounts will be displayed on the screen, and you can follow the withdrawal of finance. If they are made through a bank transfer, they will take only 24 hours.

The minimum withdrawal to Binary.com is $5, and you do not need to pay any commission. One day is needed to check all operations and conditions for executing tasks for output. And why this happens, you will learn in the next section of the description of Binary.com.

Deposits and Withdrawal of Funds

Binary.com Review | Regulatory

You can be amazed for a long time, what features Binary.com has. Everything in the system is too settled, and this cannot but rejoice. Also, the system has the full legislative base on which it relies. There are six of them! We have not seen anything like this from other services, so we consider this moment even more reliable. The system is regulated by the two agencies have a license to perform activities. There Gambling Control Commission on the Isle of Man, and the Commission on the games in England, Malta’s administration. Financial Services Authority in Malta, too, has a connection with the brokerage system. Japan’s financial services agency and the association futures there are also controls all operations. An impressive list, is not it?

Therefore, we recommend that only work with Binary.com. No scams and obscure situations this broker cannot happen. They are safer than others of various pyramids and exchanges. This is not an offshore zone, there will be no additional interest and commissions. But we will approve only one that this market is very popular. And the reasons are given in other parts of our description. Don`t go away!

Binary com Regulatory

Binary.com Review | Webinars and Training

 We conducted a testing of the broker Binary.com and we were impressed with some indicators. The first thing that should be noted – is the amount of effort and multitasking, which performs brokerage. It gives customers a full range of information, educates and demonstrates how to do the job. It provides a glossary of terminology, shows the possible trade experts. Binary.com Learning Center reveals the secrets of the trade in each region for each platform in the system. The best way to learn about it, so it’s registration in the webinar, which takes place every week, and there are present the best traders and teachers.

Schedule of seminars can be found on the company’s website. There discussing new specialized subjects, such as crude oil, non-agricultural wage and market impulses. The information to be presented to you, too big, but it is understandable interpreted, so difficulties will not be understanding. You can also subscribe to the newsletter of the magazine, which will contain an analysis of payments each month, and the information on the current market on the plan drawn up by Jim Mellon. He is co-owner Binary.com. This is considered a supplement to the formation that brings you closer to the center of the whole composition of the brokerage. Surely, you are running a trader here, but not all the master can succeed, even if they are held on the market for over 10 years. For more on this, we’ll discuss in the next part of the review.


Binary.com Review | Signals

Yes, you can also get notifications with Binary.com. To do this, you need to register and visit the training center. Then, with the company’s seminars, you will receive free access to the rollers video, which will be presented to the general data for the week, which has already passed. Market and financial analysis of the results will be compiled estimates and you will be aware of its information.

The most interesting thing that all the experts of the company will also provide analysis for your operations, so that they are more profitable for you. There are trade scenarios, so you can be sure that the next step of operations performed and painted. So it is possible to lay down a general idea of the passages in the trade and understand what is beneficial and what is not on the basis of past analyzes and future projections. If you have already read Binary.com, really, you should still doubt this information? It’s inevitable confirmation of openness and professionalism. Want to see for yourself what the signals and how to provide traders? Then stay with us and read on.


Binary.com Review | Free Bonus Code

Another way to verify the authenticity of the broker is to check your account balance. The system sometimes is silent on the commission, but not this. First of all, you must remember that you get bonuses. And to get them, you need to enter codes to activate the reward. Bonuses are all free, and they are also given to new customers. They can be combined with any suggestions, whether you are a novice or an experienced trader, whether the proposed system to invest or learn to trade and make money, you will still receive a bonus from the team. Promotional offer allows you to get a bonus in the form of a 25 fold increase in the sum total of the previous bonus. You just need to comply with the terms of the turnover, and then all the bonuses will be reflected in your account.

Compared to other brokers, you will get more money than promises from other sites. There are many conditions to obtain only the first bonus, not to mention the free additional premiums. At Binary.com you receive a bonus to the deposit account, which means that you can use it for the intended purpose – withdraw, transfer or add to the amount for bidding. Before the first deal you can get more momentum, putting at stake the first money in the repeated multiplication of the format, and not only out of his pocket. If useful information helps you to be with Binary.com, then join our traders, and see what they say about the system.

Binary.com Review | Complaints

If you read the entire review about Binary.com, you should have an interest and other traders with whom we work. After all, there are always those who are dissatisfied with the work with a broker, leaving reviews. Maybe we missed something in testing broker can someone it is not appropriate, and on the site were negative reviews on cooperation. This is a natural desire to know such aspects and negative aspects, you’re going to work here. And if you are going to invest and earn money, it is clear that it is necessary to know both sides of the coin. The vast majority of the responses to our questions were positive for the broker estimates. Positive comments and inspire beginners. All praised the functions of the company and the broker capabilities. One fact – the best there is, this shop and their own bonuses, which can be obtained even with the sale of robots through trading.

Of course, there are complaints that cannot be eliminated. And they are temporary. This is due to the fact that binary options are not always suitable for beginners who do not have the entrepreneurial spirit, and the reviews are not for everyone and about each and a personal opinion participant. They are not related to operations on the broker, but only a subjective opinion of a member who wanted to get everything without doing anything. Experienced traders praised the broker, and the newcomers do not, so it is worth considering why 10 of the remains came, and the others are chasing easy money. All reviews with regards to the work of traders and brokers are checked, so let’s not far-fetched statement about Binary.com, after analysis showed only advantages to cooperate with him.

Binary.com Review | Contact

If you need to, or support for the above functions, you can refer to this group of support to us about any broker. With Binary.com, you will always be connected, which will allow you to work with traders and the system correctly. This is a great addition to all the benefits, and no matter what method you use, and when, we will be happy to help you in this area. Simple and clear information will save your time on searching for answers. Regardless of how the communication method for you will be more convenient through Binary.com, you can always get answers to your questions. In general, the broker support will do everything possible so that you can get useful information for further operations. For a detailed example, we offer a look that is visually Binary.com support.

Binary com Contact us

Binary.com | Conclusion

Overview Binary.com can be compared with a simple and easy trading system. Professional offers a lot of functions and they are striking in their originality. None of the brokers cannot give what gives Binary.com. Nowhere else are there so many binary options with such amazing features and available materials. Our favorite platform – it’s a robot, which is being built on their own, and then sold in the store. This part of the site has become very intuitive, and allows programmers to create and earn.

After all, every detail is studied for small values, which is very important in the sale and continued operation. In addition, you can chat with the great traders who just do not let you go without giving the correct answer. Here you can get advice and recommendations, no matter how difficult the task was not. There are a lot of educational materials, and all of them are free and useful. As a bonus, you can get a gallery of information that will help you reach a new level. Even many traders who are now successful, enjoyed and continue to apply the strategies and materials to improve their skills in the trade. If you are generally interested in binary options, you cannot miss valuable information, which will amaze you!



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Binary.com Review updated: October 7, 2018 author: admin


  1. mhutchinson2018 (at) mail dot ru

    I can’t believe how terrible people have become in the world, how can a broker call me up and make me believe that I was investing into something genuine, in a couple of months I had been fleeced out of my life savings, till this day havent even been able to get fully back on my feet. Having taken my time to do some research would like to speak with other people who have been through similar experience, together without a doubt I am sure with likeminded minds we can all get our money back.
    Michael Hutchinson
    mhutchinson2018 (at) mail dot ru

  2. I have been trading with this company for about 1 years or more now, Till date, there has never been a problem. I have been experience with this kind of trade very good. their withdrawal process is quick and fast.

    • One more very exceptionell feature of Binary.com, which I have not seen by any other broker, is that you can set also a pending order – for any expiry time (not in seconds!).

      Demo -account is totally free – you need not deposit any money to get one. With their another speciality the Random Indices you can practice trading (or trade with real money) also in weekends.

      I have had no troubles communicating with their customer service. All email questions have been answered in a couple of hours. If there has been any urgency I have called the support.

      Binary.com really is in its own category as a binary option broker.

  3. Binary.com is a good platform to trade. Experience with them is very good.They pay as requested and on time. I recommend them for everybody. Tony from Nigeria.

  4. Binary.com offers one of the lowest minimum deposit. I deposited 10$ and got out with 60$ that same day! They have lots of payment options so that you can withdraw your gains.

    • HI James, I have done the same. Went up to 50$ and then I withdrew 20$. BUT, since then I have noticed a change in their system and from now on its much much harder to make some profit ! So, I am pretty sure, this system is manipulated as many others as well. They WANT your money, urgently ! Thats how it looks like !

  5. Binary.com it is really working good for me since I started trading with them, I would like to say thanks with a BIG SMILE & HUG, you deserve a big star keep up the good work
    From Maureen in
    South Africa

  6. 100% agree that the best option of this site is the touch/no touch and how you can set the time AND the barrier. Would love to know if there’s anyone else out there that offers this to spread the risk.
    But yeah, this looks great. Hoping to deposit real funds in the next few days.

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