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The “Mentor” – one of the best binary options strategy for beginners

For highly effective trading, our platform offers the best strategy for novice financial market players – “Mentor.” This system uses the classic indicators to analyze the market, but their more subtle settings let you create signals with filigree accuracy. Thus, newcomers can quickly achieve consistent results in trading and positive dynamics of growth in their trading capital. Moreover, difficulties in using the trading system do not arise, as it has a clear signal format.

The “Mentor” trading strategy – system template configuration

In this format of indicator strategy is used the work of three indicators whose task is to identify the different market indicators. To operate the system, you must configure the following tools on the chart:

  • The Alligator indicator 25/20/15, leave the frequency shifts of moving averages as standard.
  • The Bollinger Bands indicator with a building period of 40.
  • The MACD 50/100/15 indicator.

After making this adjustment to the template, the chart of the underlying asset acquires this look:


It is worth discussing additional parameters for strategies. To maximize the return of the binary trading strategies for beginners and not only for them, it is important to create a trading system template on a professional trading platform that has the necessary indicators. Moreover, the strategies require strict rules of money management, according to which you must be able to operate with the minimal amount of funds. For this reason, a problem arises with the selection of a broker.

Presented system was tested and developed on the Binomo terminal, and it reached its top on this trading platform. For this reason, we recommend this broker as the primary platform for trading. Here, clients are offered a wide selection of high-quality services for professionals, for example:

  • A professional level terminal with all the necessary analysis tools for trading.
  • Minimum terms of trading – minimum contracts at $1, an initial investment of $10.
  • Systemic high quality training.
  • Effective analytics.
  • High yield options.
  • Simple and quick monetization.


The best binary strategy for beginners, “Mentor” – combining trading signals

Before open the turbo options UP we need to set the following combination of strategy indicators:

  • Average floating rate of the Bollinger Bands indicator (the lilac line) crosses the beam of lines on the Alligator indicator going up.
  • Lines of the MACD indicator going up and intersected.

trading-systemWe open turbo options DOWN after the formation of the following combination of strategy indicators on the asset chart:

  • The central moving average of the Bollinger Bands indicator (the lilac line on the quote chart) crosses the beam of lines on the Alligator indicator going down.
  • Lines intersect going down on the oscillator of the MACD indicator.


Expiration of contracts

The building period allows you to create a trend reversal signal, the duration of which is 15 minutes on average. For this cause, the most effective range of expiry using the “Mentor” trading strategy is exactly this time period. To improve trading performance, we recommend using a series of options with expiration periods of 5 minutes.

 Money management

The issue for beginning traders carrying out trades on minimum account balances is one of losses. For stable capital growth and a reduction in losses, it’s necessary to use contracts that have an initial value of $1 on the Binomo terminal. If your trading account has sufficient working capital, you can set the level of trading risk to 5% of the whole balance. Using the strategy signals and correct money management will result in a stable outcome, which will have a minimum value of 250% capital growth in a week.


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