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Automatic Forex trading, CFD using Forex-Lady

For working with cryptocurrency, CFD and forex exchanges, there are many different tools. The choice of suitable traders is based on two key criteria: efficiency and efficiency of work. Robot Forex-Lady for automated trading has combined two aspects. It can completely independently open and close the deal, according to a specific point, or give trader tips that will help him for making the right choice.


Getting started with Forex-Lady and key features

While working with this tool it does not require any skills programming or deep sciences applied. Forex-Lady operates entirely in the browser window. All you need is tool using – Internet on mobile device access or personal computer, laptop. Before starting work with robot, you need to look at some important platform features.

Getting started with Forex-Lady and key features

Broker choosing

Only after a trader enters into his private office, robot can be provided. It`s possible of choosing the interested intermediary from a wide available list. Nevertheless, the list is strictly individual for each country. If the trader already have an account with the selected broker, Forex-Lady still create a new account. When registering and signing in intermediary trading robot carries only its own. Selecting the operating mode. By default, the system has adviser mode. This means the trader will receive tips on his personal account` recommended trades in, but the final transaction decision on the opening, closing, rejection remains on him. To proceed with automated trading you need to activate the corresponding mode in a private account.

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Demo account

Virtual assets are available to all clients, and it can be used for functional and robot capabilities studying. However, the obtained data during trade is not always fully reliable.

For starting robot using, you must complete the registration process. It is performed in a few simple steps. Initially, you need to open the Forex-Lady official site and click the “Open account” button. The system will ask to fill in a special card. It specifies personal (last name, first name) and contact (phone, email) data. The latter are used for confirming trader identity and access restoration to his personal account, if it`s necessary.

How to set the robot up?

There are two modes: adviser, autonomous trade in Forex-Lady system. It is the settings quality you have made in each case depends on the future transactions effectiveness. Forex-Lady system examines the market, analyzes data large amount in the Expert Advisor mode (it is also called semi-automatic) an ordinary person cannot study at the same speed, and issues appropriate field recommendations. The trader can install independently features, or using the already specified by the developers` parameters, which the signals are collected for. The same goes for autonomous Forex-Lady life.

The criteria set is pre-installed for safe trade, it is the beginners power with for minimal deposits. However, a trader can set and his own once in order of realizing the most profitable strategy work in his opinion.

Semi-automatic mode

This is the safest option of Forex-Lady using. All decisions remain with trader. He can listen for prompts giving, or on the contrary refusing for following them. The user can set the setting parameters criteria for the following characteristics.

Taking profit. In another way, this parameter indicates the profitable trades` percentage.

The bet amount

Stop loss. “Risk level” or “Leverage” are synonyms for this parameter. It is worth noting the signals for these parameters are submitted to the personal account only between real accounts owners. That is, if the contact details have not been confirmed and registration is unfinished robot tips will not be visible. An experienced trader can independently analyze the market using third-party growth charts` sources. Based on their experience and knowledge, as well as Forex-Lady advice, it may take a favorable, on his decision view. That is, the user can call the red button “Sell”, green “Buy” or even abandon the opening transaction.

Setting automatic trading up

Much more attention and a responsible approach worthy setting in the implementation of robot autonomy. A trader can and should choose the appropriate criteria for the competitive strategies implementation on the following parameters.

Trading`s system

Forex-Lady offers a classic trading scheme, as well as popular players in large Martingale and Fibonacci. In a first embodiment, the robot will always open transaction at the minimum rate. This choice fits small depositors. According to Martingale Forex-Lady system, it will open the next with a 2-fold rate increase after two unsuccessful deals. If it proves successful, it will return to the original one. Fibonacci system means rates raising after each failed operations. Stop loss. This parameter indicates how much the trader is willing for taking a loan from a broker, if there are few funds in own account for transaction completing will not be sufficient.

The level of investment in the deal

The options` choice depends on your own preferences and capabilities. The maximum number of simultaneously open trades. The choice can be made in the range of two to eight. Readable indicators and signals selection. Their Forex-Lady provides a sufficient number for successful trading. Currency pairs determination. All depends on the broker capabilities, which trader deals with in this part. The player accomplishes settings in the same section. Robot`s interface is clear and easy to use, completely Russified. Therefore, the assignment complexity of necessary parameters should not arise.

The level of investment in the dealEfficiency and ease of Forex-Lady using

The robot has collected a large diverse reviews number during its existence. In practice, the efficiency of made transactions via Forex-Lady can reaches rates of 70-75%, if configured executed correctly. However, while viewing reviews, some manage to achieve more. Settings play a key role while dealing with Forex-Lady. Markets and growth charts` currency aren`t stable, at various times, it require different strategies trading on the different trends background. Trader’s task – is reacting on changes and adjusting the tuning`s robot.

In the rest, Forex-Lady system platform has no complaints. Its interface is clear and easy in using. Even a novice will be able to understand the system due the large tips number. The experts have well thought out and have designed the system, and they know what is trading firsthand.

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