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Autocrypto-bot robot

The automated earnings Autocrypto-bot robot is designed specifically for time and effort saving in the field of exchange stage. A year ago, few people knew what cryptocurrency is. Nevertheless, after Bitcoin began rapidly grow in value since mid of 2017; many people learn how to make a fortune on cryptocurrency. After all, these features can be presented only once in a lifetime. Looking at people buying Bitcoin for $100 and already selling it for $7000 and their success, many wanted also coming enriched. People began studying the digital money technical component massively and a variant of exchanges earnings by means of it.

Bitcoin for $100

However, an independent crypto-currency trade carries many risks. Yes, traders are in need of keeping constantly abreast of news. With the growing of crypto-currency, industry popularity there were introduced programs for automatic trading. It allowing traders making profits not delving into the very technical analysis. One of the best of its kind became Autocrypto-bot, which can be discussed in this review.

Its main advantage is in opportunity for inexperienced novice of doing passive income receiving. The robot will conduct market analysis, and issue signals. The trader already decides whether to follow it or not. In addition, there is an automatic trading mode. This will allow us spending minimum time at the computer.

The high demand for similar automatic earnings in the crypto-currency market programs is justified by a large number of inexperienced people influx. Their goal is clear – getting time for earning on the same Bitcoin growth. However, skills and trading experience are absent. A study – is losing precious time that can be spent for cryptocurrency depreciate. Demand creates supply. Therefore, similar automatic trading bots have been actively to appear like robots for automated trading.

Pros for dealing with Autocrypto-bot

What is a robot to trade? This is based on an algorithm computer program. It works exclusively on the embedded in it parameters. Autocrypto bot has one main feature – it can completely save you from long and difficult market analysis work on.

For the beginning this self-realization, you need a lot of training time. There are lot of technical tools, and people sometimes cannot consider it. Nevertheless, it will not be difficult for robot; the main thing is to write it in algorithm. Consider the main adviser`s benefits for dispelling all doubts before signing up for autocrypto-bot.com.

Autocrypto-bot robot

  1. There is plenty of spare time. The robot can work around the clock without interruption. A person needs a rest; otherwise, he can make many mistakes due the fatigue. On average, the professional trader`s worktime along with market analysis, opening and tracking transactions, can take 10-12 hours per day. Due Autocrypto-bot you can manage just by one hour. The rest of it the trader can use it at his discretion.
  2. The high analysis speed for. To analyze 10 indicators, a person will need a lot of time. Moreover, beginners can have a lot of head confusion. The robot also need a split second for making many times more operations. At the same time, he ruled out the chance of error. Again, it is so, if the details` algorithm are worked out. However, in this regard, the Autocrypto-bot site developers have done their best and completed an ultra-perfect automatic trading program.
  3. Lack of emotional cushion. At any time, a person may fall into a state of panic, fear, greed, passion. For learning the control, it may take a long time. However, why to wait and waste valuable time when you can entrust the work of an automated robot? It does not know any emotion; it acts only within the trading plan limits, which are incorporated in its program. Official website and personal account registration autocrypto-bot.com..

Registration autocrypto-bot.com

For starting and earning a passive income, you need to open a personal account and register on the site. To do this, go to autocrypto-bot.com/ru. The site is simple, but understandable. It is not overloaded with unnecessary information, which only confuses the user. In addition, it is an absolute advantage. On the first page, there is clear robot principle of working. Here are the main its capabilities, as well as trading systems and indicators, which held a market analysis.

For the beginning in earning with robot, you need to register for starting on the program site. Even if you already have a trading account with one of the brokers who working with the service, you will still have to synchronize it with the robot. To register, fill out your name, email address, password, and mobile phone number. The procedure is standard and simplified. Verification is not required in here. However, it may have to be held on the broker site. This point is better to specify in his technical support, in the future, do not have any problems with the withdrawal of money.

Then you get into your private office, where it is already possible to start setting for further work up the robot.

Personal account and trading platform

Personal account and trading platform

There is the quotes graph on the right side. Here you can choose the trade asset you are interested in. Since the Autocrypto-bot service robot is created exclusively for trading on the crypto currency market, here are presented only the best and high-end digital coins. Schedule can be viewed on different timeframes from 1 minute to 1 day. In the same range, you can also configure the work of the robot. After all, people do not prefer a short-term trading. Many experienced pros are conservative trading timeframes for 1 hour or more.

There is the quotes graph on the right side

The mode signals opens a special window where you can see online trading signals that are generated by Autocrypto-bot, within those settings you have set for it. Many traders are afraid of fully automated trading regime. They prefer to parallel their own analysis market, comparing it with the robot signal. In the same, panel shows the transaction by clicking on the corresponding signal, which can conclude story scheme.

Online trading signals

If you want to enable automatic mode of trading, you only need to translate the slider to the appropriate position on the left graph. In your personal account, you can fill a merchant account up, as well as apply for profits withdrawal from the broker account, which you opened the account in.

Change the broker

Willing so, here are you can change the broker or open several accounts in different companies at all. By the way, this is a distinctive feature of the autocrypto-bot.com service, which allows you making a secure once again. If the Autocrypto-bot working service you can be completely sure, indeed, here there were no guarantee the broker would not go in lame duck after a few months in factors number mind.

Auto-trade Autocrypto-bot

Now let us talk about the settings, which was mentioned earlier. Auto-trade Autocrypto-bot service can be configured individually for each person. In the special personal account window, you can set the following parameters:

  • trading system;
  • the minimum investment size;
  • the transactions` maximum number;
  • trading asset of 10 proposed crypto-currencies;
  • the risk level as a kind of leverage;
  • the desired profit percentage from one transaction, which the robot will complete at its operation;
  • timeframe;
  • technical indicators.

Many customers have successfully traded on the developers` offered factory settings. Therefore, if you are not accustomed to the automatic wage`s technical component yet, you can try to sell them. By the time, you will be already able to correct the work and settings change in order for much better result achieving with increasing experience.

Developers proposed three trading systems for the automatic earnings:

  1. Classical – this strategy trading is ideal for inexperienced beginners who are not accustomed to markets yet. It is conservative and calm, risks are moderate, trade is cautious.
  2. Fibonacci – is designed for more experienced traders. After two in a row losing trades the robot, will double the bet. This will help partially in wining losses back. If the subsequent transactions closes in positive territory, the robot automatically returns to the original bet. This is a kind of golden mean between the classical system and Martingale.
  3. Martingale – is suitable even for high-risk traders who prefer an aggressive trading conducting. In addition, traders who overclocking their minimum deposit in a short time often use it.

Three trading systems

The market analysis is based on six technical indicators. Even if you select all six, autocrypto-bot.com robot will not enter into a transaction exactly as long as you do not match the signals simultaneously from all settings of technical tools were included in the for market analysis.


Developers have created a unique and effective for automatic earning program. With Autocrypto-bot robot trader can rely on passive income, even without any special knowledge and work skills in financial markets.

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